Book Review – Table For Five

Table For Five is another 5 star read by Susan Wiggs. You read so many stories where the main characters are perfect and I have to admit I like escaping into the world of princes and princesses but a story with flawed characters brings real life into play.

In Table For Five a family is born from the tragic deaths of a divorced couple. And none of the characters except maybe the two year old are perfect. The teen and 3rd grader share a secret that was impacting their lives before the accident that took their parents.

Guardianship is awarded to the playboy Uncle who hardly knows the children and didn’t know their mother. Lily (Ms. Robinson) is a reclusive school marm that has vowed not to marry or have children. But she loves the children of her best friend and had agreed to take care of her children if something ever happened to her. To bad the mother didn’t put it in a will and the father did.

Both Sean (uncle) and Lily (best friend) love the children and want to do what’s best for them. However they are ill equipped to handle the angry grieving young family and struggle along. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad to the point of tears, the story pulls you in. This story is about tragedy, courage and incredible love. I fell in love with Sean and Lily and the three children.


9 responses to “Book Review – Table For Five

  1. Sounds good…I’ll have to check it out. How ya doing Lavada? Are you going to make it Wednesday?

  2. Hi Linda, Today is surgery for me so I’ll be flat on my face for a couple of weeks. I thought I’d be able to be on the laptop but now not sure. I have a massage table so I know I can read it’s just that the screen on the laptop doesn’t lay flat enough to make it easy. I have to check in at 8:00 so need to get dressed and get out of here.

    Thanks for commenting. I really Susan Wiggs and this was one of her best ones.

  3. I love Susan Wiggs stories, but don’t read enough of them. This one sounds really good. Thanks for the reccomendation. And we’ll be thinking of you today!

  4. Never heard of Sue Wiggs before but sounds as though I might enjoy her books. Must try and find time to read. Hope surgery has gone well, Lavada. Thinking of you. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a good read, Lavada. I can’t bear to read these kind of stories, though. It’s too much reality for me. Glad you liked it.

  6. Oh, and good luck with the surgery. Prayers for all to go well. Love ya!

  7. Thought I’d add a quick update here. Lavada’s doing great post-op, but probably won’t be on the computer much for a couple weeks.

  8. Thanks for the update, Laurie. I’ve been thinking of Lavada and it’s great to know all is well.

  9. Thanks Laurie. I was going to email and ask but thought I’d check here first, tell Lavada we love her!

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