Oh my goodness—I can’t believe I’ve waited until 11:30 to get this done. That’s what I get for going to a very cold softball game and coming home to watch television. Then I look at my e-mail and am reminded that I have a blog to do. SOOOOO, I thought I’d tell you about our camping trip with Daisy.

As some of you may remember this was Daisy’s first camping trip, in fact she hates to even leave the farm. Now that we don’t have Kodi to babysit her I just can’t leave her home alone. I even drove my car to the campground thinking I’d probably have to bring her home to stay with our house-sitter. Well, guess what, Daisy turned out to be an amazing camper. She was a little nervous riding in the back of the car going down but as soon as we got there she settled down in the 5th wheel like she had been doing it all her life. She loved the walks and, especially because it rained the whole week, she loved the puddles. We walked A LOT, in fact we got in over 10,000 steps a day, even in the rain. Of course, she didn’t miss a puddle and came back to the trailer pretty wet a lot of times but she loved the people and even the other dogs at the park, and of course the rangers who gave her treats. Now I’ll be taking her whenever we go, in fact I’m thinking of taking her to a softball game on Friday at the coast. We’ll see and it will depend on the weather but just maybe—.

Just heard on the news that we may hit 70° this weekend—hurrah, finally. I’m ready for some warm weather. It has been so cold during softball that I took our little heater tonight to stay warm. It kind of worked but by the time I got home I was still cold. With all the rain we have cancelled games so everything is back up which is my excuse for being late with my blog. Hopefully I won’t let this happen again. Now I just need to see if I can post this without Lavada’s help. Hope your spring is going well and you might be enjoying some sunshine.

Got to get to bed, Daisy just came looking for me!! Happy spring everyone.


7 responses to “Camping

  1. It looks good Nancy. We’ll get those pictured posting yet. I’m not much of a camper preferring hotel type traveling. Maybe if I had a big beautiful motor home. 🙂

  2. When folks start talking about camping, I start believing warmer weather really is on the way. Yay!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad you have a new camping companion. I doubt I could take Dude the cat, especially since we still tent-camp. He’d shred it trying to get out. lol Wish me luck today. Dude’s going for his wellness visit at the vet’s and doesn’t like it. 🙂

  3. Camping has certainly come on since I used be dragged along into a leaking, soggy tent, in a chilly field with no modern conveniences. It put me of doing it for life but I certainly admire those brave enough to do it. And as for Daisy – it must have been doggie heaven for her. So pleased you both enjoyed it.

  4. Can’t believe I have so much trouble with pictures, but thank you Lavada for fixing this again. And thank you for the nice comments. This is a fun blog and I hope we can keep it going. Always enjoying reading everyones notes.

  5. Not a big camper anymore either- I think I went too much as a kid and teenager. I’m liking hotels much better. LOL! I do love the outdoors though! Daisy sounds like a super camper and I’m glad you all had fun.

  6. Camping memories for me are rain, rain and more rain (LOL!) but Daisy seems to have taken to it really well. Can picture her loving those puddles 🙂

  7. Tricia you and England have rain in common with the Pacific NW. We both get our share and then some.

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