Home from Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention

I went to the RT convention in Chicago this past few days and am glad to be home. It was great fun but tiring. I had a wonderful few days but reality is so much easier. The food at the hotel was not that great and there was really no where nearby to walk for other options so I was stuck with the grub they had on offer which made me sick more than once. Ugh. So, I’ve been hungry for 5 days! Lol

I DID participate in the ebook signing as well as a meet and greet session that was fun. I met some folks I’ve only known on line and they all were as genuine and real as they seem in “print”. The readers i met were awesome, too. So passionate about what they like to read. My publisher, Desert Breeze, had a big turnout – I think there were 14-16 of us and we had a grand time hanging out and getting to know each other. I made some new friends that I know I’ll have a lifetime relationship with going forward. I love this writing community.

I hope everyone’s having a marvelous April. Today is release day for my newest book so I’m pretty excited about that. It’s book one in a trilogy and I think it’s a fun one. Murder, mystery and romance, what more could a girl want, right?

Get out and enjoy the sunshine! See you all soon!


10 responses to “Home from Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention

  1. Good morning, Jillian. I’ve heard the RT convention is intense, but also more fun because you’re hanging with readers as well as writers. One of these years, I’ll make it there. And congrats on The Gambler’s release.I’m headed over to your website next to check it out.
    It’s rainy here, after a nice sunny weekend. Still, I feel like I’m coming out of a fog and re-attaching myself to normal. So today might be a good day to curl up with a new story. 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie! I’m dragging around but plan to get my derrière to the office soon. Wish I could cuddle with a story but the dang job is calling me – I can hear it.

      It was intense but fun. I hope to make it back there sometime. Before I get too old to hang with the wold folks.

  2. Congrats with the book release, Jillian. Hope it does well for you. I’ve been to many writers conventions and conferences here in UK and always find them exhausting. Shame about the food though, let’s hope they don’t choose that venue next time. 🙂

    • Thanks for the good wishes on my new book, Kit.

      Yeah, I hope it’s a different venue for sure. Why they put a conference where there is nothing around it, beats me. At least at others I’ve been to, you can go down the street to get other food besides hotel food.

      The conference was fun- just very tiring.

  3. This is one conference I have on my togoto list. Maybe when it hits he West Coast. Congrats and best wishes on the new release.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Congratulations on the new release, Jillian. Best wishes for HUGE sales! 😛

  5. I’ve always fancied the RT conference, Jillian, especially the Faery Ball? Do they still do that? Sorry to hear about the food, though.

    Many congrats on your new release and wishing you mega sales 🙂

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