Wow—don’t you just love spring?? Well, I guess it’s suppose to be spring but we have gotten up to the ground covered with snow several mornings lately and it sounds like tomorrow will be another one of those mornings.

I finally decided that I might as well get some spring house cleaning done. When the weather does warm up we are really going to have to work outside to “catch up” on all the things we haven’t done this winter. I really did clean, three closets including the linen closet. Good Will got a lot of really good stuff that I am tired of trying to find a place for. The other thing I got done was my scrapbook room. I think I gave away almost as much as I kept. Where does it all come from—oh, I know it’s those darn coupons that I can’t resist using. Now if I just had time to sit down and scrapbook that would be nice. If you could see all the scrapbooks I’ve done you would wonder where in the world all the pictures came from. I think I have always loved to take pictures and with the new digital cameras I take twenty times more than I used to. I’m hoping some day my kids and grandkids will look at those books and really enjoy seeing the things they did.

Daisy sends her “hello” to each of you. Such a silly dog and she is getting more and more spoiled. I know she is lonely now that she doesn’t have Kodi to play with. She has decided to be a completely “inside” dog. She won’t even go out when we leave so we leave her in the house and I’m not sure she moves all the time we are gone. She does think that I am her favorite toy and I seldom sit down that she doesn’t come snooping around to see if she can crawl on by lap or hide under my arm—mind you she only weighs 95 pounds. So I have a few bruises now and then.

We are going to try taking Daisy camping with us. That might prove to be interesting because more than loving to be in the house she hates going off the farm. I just can’t bring myself to leave her home even though we have a person come stay at the house and do chores. We’ll see how things work out, if it proves to be too much I’ll just bring her home. I love to walk when we are camping so it will be fun to have her to walk with.
Our girls’ and boys’ basketball teams both made it to state at Coos Bay this year. We had so much fun and watched a lot of basketball. The girls finished fifth which wasn’t too bad they got a really pretty trophy and are already talking about going again next year and placing higher (they have their sights set on first). Now we are patiently waiting for softball to officially start, might have to wait for some sunshine unless they play in their barn boots.

Have a wonderful spring, rain or shine there’s always something to do. Next time I talk to you I might even have a picture of a new calf.


8 responses to “SPRING!!!

  1. Since I’m still up and it’s past midnight I’ll be the first to comment. Sharing the Pacific NW location, albeit it further north, we are also sharing this lonnngggg winter. It’s sort of draining my energy so I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to Spring house cleaning. Right now we are still in remodeling stuff. I’m afraid to stop for fear I won’t get started again this year.

    I had to laugh at Daisy’s picture, she looks like I feel.

    Congratulations on the Basketball season. You and Jim deserve the Grandparents award for all the support you give the kids and their team. And, I know you love every minute of it which makes it even more special.

  2. Ahh, you’re post is like the taste of Spring we’ve not yet had. Thank you. I needed that. Yesterday afternoon, when it started snowing AGAIN, I marched out my front door and took down my “Winter Welcome” sign, replacing it with the one for Spring. I am SO ready.
    And “hi” back to Daisy! I’ll be anxious to hear how she does out camping. I’m betting, with you along, she’ll be just fine.

  3. Thank you for the comments. Life on the farm is really pretty uneventful, except when a cow decides to get out (like this morning). I can’t even remember the last time I had to actually go looking for a cow. Boy was she in trouble. Now they are standing at the fence wondering if they can do that again. Hey, maybe a nice weekend!!!! Enjoy. I can hardly wait to see Lavada’s remodeling–oh, that’s right I have to make cinnamon rolls to bring!

  4. Yummy, I’m ready for them. I can remember chasing cows and horses. Ahhhh those were the days. And, you know I sort of miss them. Well maybe not the actual chasing. 🙂

  5. Wish you lived closer and I would have called you to come help!! I might have been able to entice you with cinnamon rolls.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I enjoyed your “slice of life” post, Nancy. It was almost like sitting down with you and having a conversation. 😛

    Here in Pennsylvania, the weather’s been lovely almost all month. Highs in the 80s and lows in the 40s. Only trouble is, we have wretched humidity here, and it’s usually not around until late May, but with the unusually warm March, the humidity found it’s way back early!

    Hope spring finds you soon! 😛

  7. COngrats to the basketball teams!! FUN! and let us know how the camping with Daisy goes.

    I love to scrapbook and am almost buried under the number of books I’ve made, but I keep on going back for more. It’s a nice stress relief.

  8. The weather here in the UK has been fantastic lately,more like our summer than spring and far too warm to contemplate spring cleaning. (Any excuse not to get the polish and vacuum cleaner out!).

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