March = Birthdays Galore!

The merry month of March. which is coming in like a lion for sure here in the south, is full of birthdays in my world. My son’s best friend’s birthday is the 5th; his other best friend from back in high school has a March 6th birthday which is also the 100th birthday of the Oreo cookie (what an awesome thing, right?). My older son’s birthday is the 12th- he will be *gasp* 25. Soon, he will be older than me.

March 7th is my former law partner’s birthday and even though we are no longer affiliated, I still think of him on that day. Of course, St. Patrick’s birthday is really not March 17, but that’s a fun celebration here (green beer, anyone?).

Then we gallop on toward the end of the month to find the 27th for one great-nephew, the 28th for another great nephew and the marvelous 29th is my younger son’s birthday. I’ve been teasing him that this one is the “kick to the curb” one. If he acts up, I can boot his merry rear-end out since he will be the big 18- officially an adult. (Of course, I’d never do that and he knows it, so it’s an empty threat).

Happy March! I’ll be the one in the corner who overdosed on birthday cake. Sugar coma and all that jazz.

8 responses to “March = Birthdays Galore!

  1. Enjoy that cake! You’re March is like my December and January. Isn’t it funny how birthdays all come in bursts?
    By the way, I’m craving Oreo cookies right now. Darn it. 🙂

  2. Yikes, it’s like you have Christmas twice a year. Ours is strung out through the year. Then the grandson went and changed it for his family. They have two boys and have birthdays from late Oct to early Jan.

    A nice call on the Oreo’s. Now I know why they’ve been around for as long as I can remember 🙂 Weathered changes pretty darn good as they look the same now as when I was a kid.

    • March is super busy with our family but we have more months that are similar. August is another one. Glad your grandson bucked the trend!

      Yep, Oreos have been here my whole life, too. Can’t imagine life without the, and they do look the same. I love that.

  3. Wow, Jillian, what a busy month for you! Luckily our birthdays are spread pretty evenly throughout the year. Do you know, I’ve never tasted an Oreo biscuit.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Often imitated, but never duplicated! There can only be one Oreo. Just give me a cold glass of milk and some Oreos and I’m set. 😛

    February and November are the months for my family. In February, I’m the 1st, have a cousin with the 2nd, two aunts and an uncle, two more cousins spread out from the 12th through the 24th and a nephew on the 27th. Got three wedding anniversaries in there, too.

    November is just as busy.

    But here’s a weird one for you: I have a friend, Lisa. In her family, all the first born boys share the same birthday: July 4th. It goes on for generations.

    • Amen! Oreos are unique.

      Feb sounds like a busy, busy time for you. For sure. Lots of happening things.

      That is wild about your friend Lisa. How cool is it that they share the same b’day?

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