The Joy of the Small Stuff

Zorro, our guide dog puppy, is eight months old today and I can’t believe how fast the precious months with our boy are passing. He’s pretty challenging at times and certainly keeps us on our toes, but he’s an absolute joy and makes us laugh all day long. He loved the snow and bounced around like a lamb, found a new girlfriend to flirt with and generally enjoyed himself. He’s a bright lad, knows the rules but most of the time decides to ignore them. His current favourite game is hiding from us and only last night he peeked out from behind the closed curtains in the sitting room with said curtains wrapped around his neck like a cloak. Sadly, by the time I grabbed my camera he’d managed to disentangle himself.

He’s given us a whole boatload of joy. Fabulous moments that no amount of money can buy. It made me think of others things that happen during the day that bring me pleasure. Not only the big stuff, like being grateful for my wonderful hubby, for our blessed good health, friends, family – though I am grateful, more than I could ever say. It’s the little things that often slip by unnoticed. Here’s just some of the things that gave me pleasure in the past twenty four hours:

1. snowdrops in the field near our house
2. watching the sun go down and the glorious sunset that followed
3. Zorro greeting me with mad joy when I came home from work
4. AJ’s smile and the twinkle in his eyes
5. My mum telling me she’s feeling better after recovering from flu
6. A favourite chocolate biscuit with a nice cup of tea
7. Phone call from a dear friend wishing me a happy semi-retirement
8. Vase of beautiful daffodils in my kitchen
9. Slipping into a bed with freshly laundered sheets
10.A new romance novel to start at bedtime

That’s just a few of my things. I’d love to know yours.



5 responses to “The Joy of the Small Stuff

  1. What a beautiful post to wake up to. (I’m reading it with the first cup of morning coffee. I’m reading Learning To Love by Debbie Macomber and she has a chapter on counting blessings that goes along with what you’re are saying.
    So lets see yesterday —
    1. Abby’s morning greeting
    2. Daughter’s shining smile when she told me get some boots on, she had a surprise to show me.
    3. Son’s joking and fooling around
    4. Husband’s patience as we looked at plumbing fixtures and replacing a worn out grill.
    5. A vacuum that works really well and watching the dirt it picked up as it tumbled into the garbage
    6. Feeling good

    There are so many more and these aren’t in any order just things that come quickly to mind. Thanks for reminding us to stop and count the oh so many blessings.

  2. Oooh. I like this game. Some of the things that brought a smile to my face yesterday:
    1. My husband sleeping well on our new mattress (which I love and he wasn’t too sure about).
    2. Dude’s head-butting love and how he curls up on my lap in the evenings.
    3. Seeing the International Space Station fly over.
    4. Noticing new buds on trees as we went for our walk.
    5. The new shelf hubby is building me so I can move my monitor further away.
    6. A call from our granddaughter, who got student of the month.
    7. The smile on my Dad’s face.
    I’ll stop there, since I am very cliche and 7 is my lucky number. Thanks for reminding me to remember the good stuff, Tricia!

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    Great post! This was a joy to read and brought a smile to my face! I instantly thought–as I read–of all the little things I was grateful for yesterday:

    1. A nice brisk breeze as I walked to work from the parking lot a block away…it was so fresh and invigorating.

    2. The lovely aroma of the tulips on my dining room table.

    3. The camaraderie of the high school kid I’m mentoring at the office.

    4. The picture of my newest nephew that my niece shared with me.

    5. Getting a back scratch from my husband and then giving him one.

    6. Having dinner prepared by my husband.

    7. The four kisses my husband leaves on my head every time he passes by me in the living room.

    8. The wonderful tune played by the wind chimes on my front porch.

    Thank you so much for your post. I only wish you had a picture to share of Zorro being caught in the drapes. 😛

  4. Ooh, surprises, Lavada. They are always lovely. Would love to know what it was 😉

    Wow, Laurie. The International Space Station – now that’s pretty awesome

    Four kisses from your husband, Valerie. Awwww……

    I’m racking up my list for today … may make this a daily routine as it really puts me in a great mood 🙂

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  5. Tricia, The surprise. Kris had cleaned out one of the stalls that we are storing hay and feed in. It was such a mess you couldn’t find anything. It looks so nice but her in joy in doing it was the topper.

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