Dominican Republic – The Farm

We took the Dominican Republic tour that included, for some of us, the zip lines. However the main intent of the tour was to visit a working farm. I think they put the zip lines in it because no one would be crazy enough to brave that road twice. At least a tourist wouldn’t, the locals seemed to take it in stride.

Like everything else in Punta Cana, the farm wasn’t a commercialized tour. The family was gracious in sharing their lives with us and even allowed us to tour their home. It didn’t look anything like the houses we are used to but everything was exceptionally clean. They had something cooking on the stove when we were there and even with cooking, the kitchen was scrubbed clean.

They grow coffee, cinnamon, fruit and a number of other things. They even had honey for sale. They also made a drink our tour guide called Dominican Viagra. Wow! It wasn’t light on the alcohol content.

Here’s a picture of where they process products for the market. It’s a family run business. The woman in the picture is the owner of the farm. As you can see the tools are pretty primitive I don’t think they even had electricity but if they did it wasn’t to run grinders as they did it by hand.

Like the house the grounds and buildings were exceptionally clean and well kept. The tour director explained that the house, like a lot of local houses was constructed of palm wood. The termites don’t like it. Most of the homes in this style are painted in bright colors. Pinks, Blues, Greens and combinations are popular. They take pride in their homes and paint them every 2 or 3 years.

It was an experience to see the local culture first hand and one that was worth the trip on that road to get to it.


6 responses to “Dominican Republic – The Farm

  1. Wow. What a neat opportunity to see how they really live. I hope the writer wheels were turning and we’ll see a product of this trip in one of your stories.

  2. Now there’s a thought Jillian. There was a guy standing in the road with snakes hanging around his neck. The tour guide said they were baby cobra’s. This one time that a ‘baby’ didn’t look cute. They just looked like snakes. And certainly bigger than our full sized one here.

  3. Fascinating. Love the great bright colours they use for their houses. Experiencing local culture is one of the very best things about travelling.

  4. How cool, Lavada. I agree with Jillian. There’s a story in there somewhere. 🙂

  5. Love the pictures Lavada what a cool trip and to enjoy it with your son had to be so special. See you soon.

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I really enjoyed this post, Lavada, and I hope you give us a couple more from your trip. I especially liked the photos and have to say I’m very glad you did NOT post one of the snakes! 😛

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