Crazy Me Who Prides Herself on Her Photography Skills

Sooo, I was debating what to discuss today for my post and realized I had a meeting out at the beach. “Oh, good,” I said to myself, “the camera is still in the car from the event where I was the official photographer last week. Super. I’ll make pictures out there and chat about the beautiful beach we have here.” And indeed, I went to my meeting. Afterwards, I grabbed the big ole honkin’ Nikon out of its case and got out of the car with it. Got to the sand and looked down. Yep. Battery dead. Yours truly left the thing on in the car all week. DUH!

“Not to worry,” I said. “You have your Ipod touch.” Yep. I did. It was dead, too. Forgot to charge it. “But, wait, Jillian there’s actually an Ipad in the car. Use that.” It DID have battery life so I was super excited. By now, I was at Surf Burger, one of my favorite beach restaurants. I popped out of the car and snapped a picture with the Ipad. I chose not to take more than that one as I needed to get back to my office.

Okaaaay. Once I got home, I decided to email the picture from Ipad to computer to post with this entry. Guess what? NO PICTURE ON IPAD!! Where the heckfire it went, I have no clue. I snapped it. I swear I did. Alas, I shall have to use an old pic of the beach for this post and taunt you all with Surf Burger another day. Here is their website: – They have what they say is the best burger in paradise. I, for one, happen to agree. Their secret sauce is super. And the hula fries are marvelous.

On another note, when I got home, I also had a thank you note from the lady in charge of the event last week and it said, in part, “Your photographs are wonderful. You have a gift for capturing character.” Yeah, I guess I might. If I can remember to have charged batteries!


10 responses to “Crazy Me Who Prides Herself on Her Photography Skills

  1. I think it turned out pretty good, despite your adversities. Surf Burger always makes me think of your #1 son. =)

  2. The pic (old or not) shows us your beach well. And the burger sounds delish. I’ve so been in your spot. We went to the family cabin weekend and I grabbed the camera without looking at it. I also FORGOT the charger. Yep, you guessed it…it was gasping for power. I got a few shots and then relied on family to get the bulk of the weekend on their cameras. Thank goodness we got some great pictures in spite of my dead camera. 🙂

  3. Old or not, the picture captures the surf. You live in a beautiful place. And, right now I’m trying real hard not to think of great burgers so maybe not having a picture of this place or you lunch might be a good thing.

  4. I love the sea when it looks dramatic as it does in your photo, Jillian. So full of energy and life-force. Burgers by the beach, yum. Here in the UK the tradition is for seaside fish and chips wrapped in newspaper. Hmm…now I’m feeling hungry.

    • Thanks Tricia. It was super dramatic yesterday. And the sun was gorgeous. I’ll have to pop out there and take a charged camera. Lol. Yep, burgers, fish and chips, it’s all good by the sea, right?

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I really enjoyed your post, Jillian! I had to smile while reading because it really is my kind of day! Liked the pic you posted too. I could so get lost on that beach for a day allowing the scenery to inspire me to write. Wish I lived by a beach!

    I have to ask…hula fries??

    • Thanks Valerie- Glad you liked it. I was laughing myself silly when it happened. All that electronic stuff and no batteries. LOL! Soon, I’ll post some sunny day beach pictures. I love it, too. Pop over and meet me sometime and we’ll surf!

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