Book Review – Two Old Women

posted by Laurie Ryan

This is a quick 140 page read and I highly recommend it. It’s not easy to read, being about two indian women abandoned by their tribe because of a brutal Alaskan winter and famine. But it’s so worth it. Watching frailty turn to strength, and attitudes change as long-forgotten abilities emerge is inspirational. These women may be aged, but that doesn’t stop this from being a coming-of-age story.  It sits on my bookshelf, is one of my favorite reads, and I pick it up at least once a year.

The author, Velma Wallis, was born inFort Yukon, Alaska. I mention this fact only because I’m working on an Alaskan story at the moment and, when I went looking for a home town for my heroine, I settled onFort Yukon.  Hmmm. Was there some subconscious part of me that remembered this story and author? Who knows.

The story was copyrighted in 1993 and I don’t believe it’s available in digital format, but I did find it for sale by Amazon sellers. However, when I needed my own copy, I went to a brick and mortar store and they were able to order one for me. It’s worth the work to get your own copy. This is one you’ll want to read more than once. 

I couldn’t find a web presence for Velma Wallis, but here’s the specs from the publisher, Harper Collins:


6 responses to “Book Review – Two Old Women

  1. I love these kind of stories. Thanks for the review.

  2. Sounds a fascinating read, Laurie. I very much enjoy reading about inspirational women. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Sounds like a good one – esp. if you read it once a year!

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