I LOVE naps. Napping in the old days used to be associated with being lazy or weak. People got up early, worked all day and then went to bed early. Now days, there are so many different shifts and a work day is no longer an eight to five. Or a six to eight. Sleeping during the day is as common as during the night. Not that day sleeping is the same as napping but it does take some of the stigma out of it.

Scientific evidence is showing what I’ve always known. A nap is GOOD FOR YOU. Yep they boost energy, creativity, mood and they can add hours of productivity to the end of your day. While it’s been proven the mind benefits from a nap, the body does too. A good nap reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, diabetes and excessive weight gain. Wow when I read this last one I had to wonder what I would weigh if I didn’t nap. 🙂 YIKES.

So were we born to nap? I know I was, and researching it I’m not alone. Most mammals sleep for short periods during the day. See I always knew our cats and dogs were smarter than most humans. According to research our biological make up is designed for two periods of intense sleepiness. One in the early morning from about 2 to 4 am. and one in the afternoon between the 1 and 3 pm.

But when picking out exact times to sleep and nap, a lot depends on if you’re ‘morning’ person or a ‘night’ person. My ideal pattern is going to bed at midnight to 1:00 am and getting up around 8:30. That puts my sleep gate for naps at around 2:30 to 3:00. And, that’s about the time I’m ready for one.

So if life is such that you can take a nap, do it. Enjoy it, and know you’re doing your mind and body a favor. If your life is not conducive to napping, I’ll be a good friend and take one for you. 🙂


5 responses to “Naps

  1. How lovely to have the scientific evidence to back up nap time, Lavada 🙂 I’m also a nap person and my timing is the same as yours. Nothing nicer on a wet, lazy Sunday than a nap on the sofa after lunch.

    Happy napping!

  2. I’m with Tricia. Thanks for validating the belief that siestas are a must! And welcome home!

  3. It’s nice to be home. I’m a little mixed up with sleep time. The Dominican Repub is 4 hours time difference. But the trip home took 10 hours. Nice not to have to worry about a day job. I can get up and go to bed pretty much on my schedule.

    Tricia, I love Sunday afternoons too.

  4. AHHH, NAPS!! Bliss – I don’t get to take many, but when I do, I love them. The cat pic is awesome!!! and I’m with you on the weight thing. Maybe I need MORE naps- we can call it the “Nap Diet”

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    I’m not much of a napper except on Sundays. After church and lunch I like a nice warm blanket and my spot on the sofa and I’m out like a light for about an hour. By the time i get home from the office through the week, I can’t take a nap because I won’t sleep at bedtime. The Japanese do it right, I think. Their workplaces have little individual napping areas and workers are encouraged to take a nap in the afternoon when they feel the need. It has proven to lead to more satisfied employees, higher work volume, and far less stress and health issues. Maybe I should pitch a tent in my office and take a nap! 😛

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