The Great Milk-tastrophe of 2012

Tuesday, the hubby went back to work after a couple weeks of holidays and general slow times in his office, and he got home at the fairly normal hour of six. Dinner was just about ready, so he scooted off to change his clothes, but not before requesting chocolate milk for his drink with dinner.

We go through almost three gallons of milk a week (and that’s before Squeaker’s on cow milk), so when I drained one gallon before filling up both the hubby’s and my glasses, it was habit to drop the empty jug by the sink to get rinsed for the recycling bin, then grab a second jug from the fridge. I set the full, brand new milk jug on the counter, turned back to the fridge to do something (though I can’t for the life of me remember what), and I knocked into the milk.

The brand new, full gallon of milk, that I apparently hadn’t put all the way on the counter.

The brand new, full gallon of milk which promptly tumbled lid over bottom and landed straight on its head, exploding a seam and sending milk gushing all over my kitchen. Not just my  floor. My whole kitchen.

I lunged for the jug and carried the container, still bleeding milk, to my sink while shrieking loudly enough that I made Munchkin cry over spilled milk while Squeaker clapped at the unexpected entertainment. My sweet hubby did exactly what I would’ve done were the situation reversed.

He grabbed the camera. (While telling Munchkin we don’t cry over spilled milk. I mean, we had to, right?)

Please don't cry over my spilled milk

The Carnage

You didn’t miss the white speckles all over my cabinet doors, did you? Yeah. It was that bad.

Dinner was delayed, obviously, while I sopped up the milk and wiped down the cabinets. Munchkin got over crying over the milk and decided that the best course of action was to imitate Daddy. So he grabbed the little digital camera he got for Christmas and started clicking away while I cleaned up.

And do you know what picture my sweet little munchkin was proudest of?

“Mommy, I took a picture of your bottom.”

Picture omitted. You’re welcome.

Here’s hoping your 2012 started with a better, albeit as entertaining, bang.

Posted by Jamie Cody


8 responses to “The Great Milk-tastrophe of 2012

  1. Pfffft! Jamie, I can so commiserate. Did that myself once, only at that time, we had a carpeted kitchen. So it wasn’t just mopping it up. It was getting the shampooer out the house didn’t smell like sour milk for the rest of that carpet’s life. The carpet has been gone for years, but I still remember the horror. I’m sorry for you having to clean it all up, but I’m happy the kids had so much fun with it…eventually.

    • Oh, no! Not the carpet!

      It was actually pretty funny. Until yesterday, when Munchkin spilled half his cereal, Squeaker’s oatmeal exploded out of the rice cooker, and then I spilled the other half of Munchkin’s cereal. And then I discovered an entire gallon of whole milk with a sell-by date of Wednesday and spent all last night prepping donuts and cinnamon rolls (both recipes call for copious amounts of whole milk, and I never have it on hand) to put in the freezer and make for the hubby’s work today.

      It’s seriously been a milky kind of week. 🙂

  2. Oh My Gosh, I can so relate. I had milk leak in the trunk of the car once and the smell never did get entirely out.

    You paint a good story, I can almost ‘see’ it. Ah, memories huh?

  3. Oh, jeez. The trunk’s bad too!

    Hubby once had antifreeze leak all over his trunk. He swore he couldn’t smell it. I think it happened slowly over a long car trip and deadened his sensitivity to it. But that was over 10 years ago, and neither of our children have any noticeable abnormalities, so I guess it wasn’t so bad. 😉

  4. I can see the chaos and poor Munchkin crying. I’m glad he got over it and started snapping like the paparazzi!!

  5. LOL,Jamie! (laughing with you, of course) 😉 I mean, now that it’s all over(the incident, not the milk) it’s OK to LOL, right?


  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    Oh my! Your poor kitchen. Poor you! And it always seems that you find more and more that you missed after you’re certain you’ve gotten it all. Hopefully your days since then have been better and cleaner! I got a chuckle over the picture-taking. Should keep this memory alive for you and your family for a long time to come. 😛

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