I’m late, I’m late…

Well, it’s Wednesday and my day to blog and I completely spaced on it. I’m guessing that means I’ve got a little too much on my plate at the moment, because I’m normally pretty good at remembering stuff.

Since it’s the season for being busy, I thought I’d check in on how everyone is doing getting ready for the holidays. I am, as you can imagine from the lateness of this blog, behind schedule.  I took a  look at my to-do list this morning and I’m thankfully not as far behind as I thought. But I’ve still got some work to do to catch up.

The house is decorated. I’m about halfway through Christmas shopping, but I’m on track to mail packages this Friday.  I haven’t started my Christmas letter, but I’ve been thinking about it. Does that count? lol I’m just about done with Christmas gatherings, except for the “big one”, a huge family brunch on Christmas morning.

I’m not going to bake much this year. I’ll be baking for our winter cabin adventure in January. So really, I’m not as behind as I thought. Am I?

How are you doing on your lists this year? Better than I am, I hope. 🙂

Note:  One of our regular bloggers, Jan Bowles, who normally blogs the second Wednesday, has had to take a hiatus from blogging.  I know we’ll all miss her stories about country life in England. If you’d like to keep up with Jan, you can visit her at her website:  http://janbowles.com/


12 responses to “I’m late, I’m late…

  1. Sorry to hear about Jan- I hope she is ok.

    As to late and behind, I’m the poster child this year. My tree is bought and up but only has lights on it. Nothing else and I’m leaving it that way. LOL
    I have not done cards. I usually do and I usually make them- nope. Not gonna happen. I’m thinking New Year’s cards or maybe even Mardi Gras.

  2. Jan’s got a lot of family stuff keeping her busy at the moment, so you lucky folks get to hang with me instead. 🙂 I realized I also haven’t started wrapping anything. Yikes!’Tis the season.

  3. Hi Missy Laurie!
    I’m all done with my Christmas shopping and shipping. 😉 Hey! I just noticed the cool showflakes drifting down my screen! (got distracted there for a moment) LOL!

    My big celebration of the season will begin on the 21st when I fly down to Huntington Beach to spend a week with one of my boys and his family! I am SO EXCITED!!


  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Behind? Nope, you’re doing just fine! Me, on the other hand, I’m behind a slow moving truck that’s run out of gas and blocked the freeway off ramp! I normally begin shopping the end of September and finish before Thanskgiving. I was sick the end of September, which carried over to October. And BOOM! Thanksgiving was here. Now I’m fighting pneumonia (and feel like I’m losing the battle, I might add). I have 1 Christmas gift bought. I have a houseful of company coming Christmas Eve and the tree is still in the attic. Zero baking done. I feel like I should just postpone Christmas, but there’s always next week to cram all this stuff into, right??

    Still, I’m going to focus on all the blessings in my life and let the rest fall into line.

    I’m sorry to hear Jan has her plate so full, and I hope life begins to calm down for her as well … very soon.

    • Oh, dear, Valerie. Pneumonia? Gosh, I hope you get better fast. I’ve heard the thing with pneumonia, though, is to let it win for a while. If you’re wiped out, give in to it and rest. I’ve been overloaded lately and kind of hit an emotional wall yesterday. I needed to call in the troops to help these past couple weeks and I didn’t. So don’t you do what I did. Call in family and friends to help out, okay?

      • Valerie J. Patterson

        I’m sorry you had such a bad day yesterday, and I hope today was 100% better. Hope you and the hubby had fun today.

        Thanks for the good thoughts as well. When I regain my health, I’m definitely going to have to have help if I’m going to pull off Christmas Eve! 😛

  5. Hope today is better. I’m actually in pretty good shape. Now to stay there and at this time of year thats not so easy to do. I do remember past years when I worked full time though wait I was younger, had more energy, didn’t need a nap to get through late nights. 🙂

    • Good. I need to hear the success stories. It helps me remember it all gets done and in time, too. I’m off to shop today, with hubby in tow to offer opinions, push the cart, and carry the packages.

  6. LOL, I’m so late I didn’t catch up here until today. 🙂 Feeling the Christmas squeeze big-time this year, and I’m not sure why. But hopefully seeing my boys’ faces Christmas morning will help with that. 🙂

  7. Hi, Jamie! I feel your pain. I’m feeling buried myself. Is it bad that’s there’s some perverse side of me that’s happy I’m not alone? lol The funny thing is that it always gets done. You’re boys will have that wide-eyed Christmas morning, just like my family will.
    I need to set a reminder to start this process in early November next year. I want to enjoy the season, not hustle and bustle through it, eh?

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