Happy Thanksgiving Posted by Nancy Knox

Does time seem to be flying or is it just me. Seems like I just put up by Thanksgiving decorations and after next week I’ll be putting up Christmas—yikes!!!!

The change to regular time hasn’t helped around the farm much. The cows and dogs still want to eat on Daylight Savings time. Even if I try feeding a little later in the morning they are still ready to eat by 3:30 in the afternoon and the whole neighborhood hears about it.

The cow treats are still a big hit with the show string from last summer and fall and now I have the calf chasing me for a treat. Little Miracle is not very little anymore and she doesn’t realize how big she is getting. She jumps and runs at me like she is one of the dogs still—if she could bark I’m sure she would do that also but all I get is a MAAAAAAA. Good thing I have a really strong NO voice—got that from raising three boys.

Daisy and Kodi are enjoying just being in the house and are always upset if we have to leave for a few hours and leave them outside. I even bought new teddy bears for them and Daisy usually has one beside her when she takes her many naps throughout the day.

Football is still going on for our high school. Last year they won the state championship and they are on course to do so again this year. After last Saturday’s game I said “no more”. “I’m not sitting there and freezing another Saturday”. Guess where I’ll be Saturday—I just can’t seem to stay away. Extra blankets will have to work this week and of course we are supposed to have lots of rain–again. Just watching the sportsmanship, skills, and dedication that these young men show impresses me so much. So think of me Saturday when you are curled up by your fireplaces with a good book and I’m freezing at another football game.

I am truly thankful for my family and friends and even my silly animals. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


6 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Posted by Nancy Knox

  1. Good luck to your football team!! 🙂

    This may sound crazy, but I miss fall. We had to turn our air conditioner on last night to chase the warm humidity out of the house. I’d love to be snuggled under a blanket with a cold nose and a good book in hand. But it’ll hit us here in northern Florida soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy this last bit of time before the Christmas rush!

  2. I can almost ‘see’ you with Miracle running and Maaaaing. 🙂

    Oh how I can relate to the football games. Last year we were out there and like you I froze. Besides they had a bad year and didn’t win. But again like you I was big time impressed with the kids spirit, sportsmanship. Inspiriting and I always came home glad that I could have been a small part of it all. Well I was glad AFTER I got warmed up.

  3. Florida doesn’t sound too bad on a day like today. T hank you for the comments and I will complain again about being cold on Saturday. I’m sitting here watching Miracle, Laney and Passion standing under the maple tree that still has leaves on it. Glad they aren’t in the barn making a mess but wondering why they want to be out in the rain and

  4. Ahhhhhhh! I LOVE that picture, especially with the teddy bear. I have always considered myself a country girl living in the city. I enjoy getting to live a little bit vicariously through your blogs, Nancy. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Such a fun life! I can picture Miracle running after you playfully. I love it.

    I’m with the animals on this time change. I wish the powers that be would leave it alone. One way or the other. It always wreaks havoc with my system.

    Congrats to the football team. As a former high school soccer mom (and they play into Jan/Feb) I can totally relate to the cold tush! We actually took mini propane heaters and put them in front of us. Until I almost caught my blanket on fire! LOL!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week.

  6. Love the photo! We always have a hoo-ha here in the UK when the clocks go back an hour – seems to cause more problems than it solves.

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