Food Fun Monday – Cranberry Salad – Posted by Lavada Dee

I posted this recipe last year around this time but didn’t have the apples in it. You can leave them out but we like them in if they are the sweet variety.

For years we would open a can of cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner and my mother would be the only one to really enjoy it. A week later we would throw out three quarters of it.

Then we found this yummy recipe and it’s become one of our families traditional Thanksgiving dishes. It’s especially good for the younger set as they tend to love it.

Cranberry Jello Salad

1 lg box of Strawberry – Banana jello.
1 can jellied cranberry sauce.
ripe banana’s – as many as you want
1 mid sized peeled apple (we like Delicious apples because we like the sweeter ones in this recipe)
Cool Whip

Make the jello using only the hot water ingredient; this decreases the liquid by half.
Mix the jello, cranberry sauce and bananas in the blender and blend well.

Pour into a 9×13 pan.
Grate the apple and gently mix in.
set over night.

Top with cool whip. For a festive looking dish you can garnish it with mint leaves. Or mint leaf & red candy for a holly look.

With the holiday’s coming up we’d love to have some guest bloggers post their favorite recipes. You can email us by clicking on Contact Us above and we’ll set it up with you.

7 responses to “Food Fun Monday – Cranberry Salad – Posted by Lavada Dee

  1. Sounds easy to make, Lavada. I know my husband loves bananas so I will test it on him.

    I wouldn’t think there’s a lot of calories in this, so that makes it even better.

  2. Oh, yeah. Jello salad has been a part of our Thanksgiving since I was a little kid, so I love any variations.

  3. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. One thing about jello dishes is they can be made the night before.

    Jan I think we are okay calorie wise until we add the cool whip but they have reduced fat now so that might be better.

  4. I am not a fan of cranberries but I bet my dad would love this. I’m going to make it for him.

  5. This sounds beautiful. 🙂 I’ll bet it looks gorgeous next to a pretty roasted turkey

  6. This by far the best cranberry salad I have ever had! Enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with you this year 🙂

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