Mascarpone Cheese posted by Lavada Dee

What in the heck is Mascarpone Cheese? Okay like awhile back when I discovered Ice Wine, this again is something I’d never heard of. And, hey, even the spell checker has it. Makes me feel like I’m living a deprived life.

I found this cheese at Costco and of course bought it, all 5lbs of it. Anyone familiar with Costco knows things come in bulk and this particular store caters to restaurants. Yikes, I really didn’t know what I was doing.

This morning I spread it on a low calorie bagel type thing with jam. 🙂 Then did some research.

Mascarpone originated southwest of Milan Italy in the late 16the early 17th century.

In one online article Mascarpone is said to be one of the foods that make the food police quiver and drop dead in their tracks. It is fresh, very rich cow’s milk cheese – double or triple cream. They went on to say that it sold in teensy little containers in the US. Hah, want to bet, like I said, I found a 5 lb container.

Its texture resembles a sticky pudding and it is the color of cream. It is found in the Italian cake Tiramisu. Umm love that stuff even if I hate myself after I eat it. I also found it is often served with fruit or it can be mixed with cocoa or coffee.

If I try a recipe and it turns out I’ll post it. In the meantime if anyone else has used the cheese let us know.


7 responses to “Mascarpone Cheese posted by Lavada Dee

  1. I tend to avoid it, since I can’t pronounce it right, lol. 🙂 The only thing I’ve heard of it in regularly is tiramisu, but I’d love some other uses for it. 🙂 Love trying new things in the kitchen!

  2. Lavada you bought 5lbs of it? In our local supermarket they sell it in small portions of 4oz. I haven’t used it, although it looks very creamy and delicious.

    Just like Laurie’s hot chocolate recipe this is laden with calories. 🙂 I just looked it up….453 per 3.5 oz. He, he, I couldn’t resist mentioning it.

    Here’s a link to BBC a recipe guide for mascarpone.

    There’s some real treats.

  3. Jamie, I’m with you on the pronunciation especially coupled with those ghastly calories. But after looking at those recipes Jan just sent ummm.

  4. Oh, yum! I checked out Jan’s link. I want to try the Roasted Vegetable Couscous with Marscapone. I’ll have to limit bites, though, considering the calories Jan listed. 🙂
    Lavada, have you ever heard of Cougar Gold? I believe they sell that at Costco, too, and it’s a local thing (related to WSU Cougar country). It’s very good, also. And comes in the same 5 pound cannister, I believe. 🙂

  5. Valerie J. Patterson

    Never heard of it or tasted it. Will be interesting to learn what types of recipes you use it in Lavada.

  6. Laurie, never heard of Cougar Gold. 5 lbs. huh? I think I need to stop going to Costco. 🙂

  7. I love marscapone cheese. I do have a recipe. Will have to find it. It’s quite thick and rich. Love it.

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