Happy Halloween – posted by Nancy Knox

I love Halloween, probably because it’s in the fall and I love the fall—even the rain doesn’t bother me. Then of course, there’s football season and we haven’t got past watching the high school kids play even though our oldest grandson graduated three years ago and the younger one doesn’t play football.

Jim and I finally took a week and went to Ohio to visit relatives. He hadn’t been back since he was seven so I guess it was long overdue. We had a great time although we seemed to have taken the Oregon rain with us. It rained all but one day while we were there, but we had a great time. Jim’s cousins took us everywhere they could think of. Amish country was very interesting. We visited the Yoder Farm where we sat through a school class and toured two Amish homes. The lady leading the tour was amazing and certainly knew a lot about the Amish even though she was Mennonite. We even rode in an Amish buggy pulled by a retired race horse.

Another interesting adventure for us was a tour of the Longaberger Basket Company. What a gorgeous place to work, of course the office building itself was pretty amazing, but the grounds where the factory is were gorgeous. Shaped like a basket on the outside , the office building is beautiful with wild cherry stairs and furniture. When you look up at the offices you’d think you were on the outside of the building, pretty cool for an old country girl.

A week was maybe just a little long for me, I’m more of a three day person so by the fourth day I had to call home and check on my animals. I’m sure Daisy and Kodi missed us, I could tell by the dog hair on my bed!!! Didn’t take them long to readjust to my schedule although I think the person we have stay here gets up earlier than I do. For a few days the dogs were ready for outside chores at 6:00—changed that—I’m a seven o’clock person. The cows, of course, were glad to see me, I think I might feed just a little bit more than I tell my house sitter to feed, well and maybe a little more treats. I don’t think Kevin is into “cow treats”.

Once I got home, after a whole week, I was ready to go back again, but maybe not too soon. Those airplane rides do me in even though we did fly Frontier and they serve chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven!!! Got me through four different flights!!!

Hope you are enjoying our on again-off again fall weather. Have a fun Halloween!!


9 responses to “Happy Halloween – posted by Nancy Knox

  1. I had to go out and take a look at the Longaberger Basket Company. Here’s the site with a picture of what Nancy described. I’d love to visit and if we ever get close to a store I am.

    Nancy sounds like you had a great time. I’m ready for brunch and hearing more.

  2. Longeberger baskets are beautiful, aren’t they? And I have to say, I loved Frontier when I flew them earlier this year. At least, as much as one can love an airline. Those cookies are yummy! I’m glad you had a good vacation. Visiting the Amish country is on our to-do list. And I know what you mean about being ready to be home. We just got back from two weeks away. Home Sweet Home feels pretty darn good. And our cat remembered us! Yay!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. We did have a great time. The baskets are amazing!!! I’m ready for brunch.

  4. Oh, wow, cookies on an airplane?!?! I know who I’m flying next time, lol.

    Did you do any shopping at Longaberger? Glad you enjoyed your trip. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a lovely trip. I love that Longaberger building. It’s amazing looking. AND Choc chip cookies? No way. WOW. That’s super awesome. Frontier- hmmm. Wonder where the closest airport to me is that has a Frontier plane?

  6. We toured Lancaster County a few years ago. AND, I had to pay extra because I went over the weight limit coming back. Next time we need to drive so I can load the car with Amish products. I meant to add the website url to the Basket place with the picture of their building on my last comment its at http://www.longaberger.com/longabergerTours.aspx

  7. No I didn’t bring anything back from Amish country, just lots of good pictures. Next time we also might drive and I’ll bring back LOTS. Thanks for the comments.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time, Nancy! What a fascinating trip.

  9. Nancy, what a great vacation you had. Such an interesting place to visit too.

    Wow! That building shaped like a basket is wonderful!

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