My Brain

Sometimes my brain makes me mad. I finished the first draft of the second book in my series called The Gambler’s Inheritance. It’s not due to the publisher for several months but I wanted to start on polishing it since I don’t want to start anything new before NaNoWriMo in two weeks. I figured I’d spend the next two weeks adding some descriptions and more historical detail to the story. I like to let them simmer a bit before deep edits but I knew of some things I needed to do already and was going to get a head start.

Enter my crazy brain that makes me mad. I went to bed on Saturday with Sunday plans in place. Writing/adding to book two, lunch at parents’, Target trip, get package ready to send to nephew, write out bills.  Guess what? I woke up with a Christmas story in my head. What I thought was a very short story that turned into a  five scene story. What turned out to be a 6,000 word story in my head. Could I get anything done before I started it? No. Heck, no. I had to write. HAD to. So, I wrote about 1500 words before the command performance at the parents’.  I did get there. I did get to Target. But that’s it.

The rest of the freaking day was spent with this story.  The. rest. of. the. day.  6,000. words. written.

I’m happy with it, but it wreaked havoc on the day I had planned. That’s why I sometimes hate my brain. It won’t leave me in peace.


14 responses to “My Brain

  1. This is a good complaint! I spent the entire day staring at a page. I know exactly what needs to be written there. I even jotted down a line or two before deciding it wasn’t worded quite right. I tried to move on, but writing in a non-linear way makes me nuts. So it’s still sitting there… less than 500 words to be put down…

    Be happy that you accomplished something! lol

    • LOL! Yeah, it was good to get it down but I really had other things I needed to do- like pay the bills! LOL! I beat myself up all day about being worthless when the muse is on me like that. So, today, had to do the things I planned to do yesterday- while I’m here at the day job getting no legal work done.

      I can write non-linear and usually do but I can understand being stymied- been there. Good luck getting over the hump, my friend.

  2. Wow, I want some of that kind of brain buzz. You’ll catch up with all the other stuff. I’m glad you grabbed the muse when it was there.

  3. Oh, I LOVE those stories that just won’t go away. They tend to be the most powerful ones ever. And good for you, giving in to your muse. The rest of your list will get done eventually, I’m sure. 🙂

  4. It’s not your brain that won’t leave you at peace, Jillian. 😉 Hearken to Laurie’s words.
    I hate it when my muse drags my, um, hindside out of bed, too. But he demands to be heard and I’d better write down EVERYTHING he says!


  5. Hooray for bonus stories! Sure, it stinks it interfered with your plans, but now you have it there and ready. Score! 🙂

    • yeah- it’s a good thing- and I already know where it’s going as it’s a Christmas story with characters in my upcoming series BUT it wouldn’t be coming out (if the publisher wants it) until Christmas 2012. So, it sure could have waited – hahaha.

  6. What a great problem … my brain leaves me in peace far too often these days 🙂 I’ll look forward to reading the story in 2012.
    And thanks for the NaNo reminder.

  7. Valerie J. Patterson

    What a great problem to have, Jillian! I’m glad you gave in to your muse and let the words flow. It never would have been the same had you put it off. I love it when my muse pesters me to no end. 😛

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