Recipe – Pudding Dessert

My niece made this pudding for a baby shower and we have since made it ourselves. She said the original recipe used chocolate cookies and pudding but we have only tried the butterscotch flavor.

• 1 large cool whip
• 2 small or 1 large instant butterscotch pudding mix
• 1 pkg vanilla Oreo’s

Mix pudding according to directions but only add ½ the liquid.

Crush the Oreo cookies.

Mix pudding and cool whip then add in the cookies.

This recipe keeps well.


7 responses to “Recipe – Pudding Dessert

  1. Love this one. Have had it before- thanks for the reminder of the yumminess!

  2. Yum! My Mom used to make something we called “goop”, Whipped cream, with banana’s a pineapple in it. My siblings and I LOVED it. 🙂

  3. Ah, but puddings are a thing of my past. It sounds delicious!

  4. I sort of thought this one might be an old one. I just never had it.

    Marion, puddings should be a thing of the past for me too. I’m trying to get psyched out to get on a food modification (as Laurie calls it) program and drop so of this weight.

  5. Sounds scrummy 🙂

    We do have Oreo’s here in the UK, although I’ve never tried them.

  6. Oh, yum. I really could eat this right now. It’s been the sort of day for comfort food. Like Jan, I’ve never tried Oreo’s but that might be about to change.

  7. Oh, that sounds DELICIOUS! Anything with Oreos is a total winner in our house. 🙂

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