Happy FALL to each of you

Don’t you just love this season? I can’t seem to get past buying school supplies so sometimes I take a grandchild to the store with me, something about the smell of new pencils!!!

We had a great summer. One of our granddaughters , Kaylea, decided she wanted to show the cattle more than just at our local fair and State Fair. Well, this silly little heifer, that I was never really impressed with, won a LOT. She was Grand Champion at our county fair, won again as Grand Champion Angus at the Oregon State 4-H fair and then went to the Puyallup Fair and won the Angus Junior show and the Futurity. Needless to say I’m a little more impressed with her. What I really always liked about her was her personality. She is super quiet, her name is actually (Quiet Lucy). She and Kaylea have now become great buddies and they actually play together. All Kaylea has to do is get a treat (did you know they have cow treats)? and Quiet Lucy (Laniey) will run and play with her. It’s pretty cute, kind of like a very big dog!!! Now she wants to get the miracle calf, Passion’s Miracle, doing the same thing. I love it, I go out to feed and they want me to play with them. I’m way too old to have a cow for a playmate!!!

Daisy and Kodi, of course, don’t think this is cute at all and they will hide on the porch until the cows are back in their field. Daisy of course is always up to some kind of mischief. She has found out that squirrels live in our woods and she is always out looking for them, hasn’t caught any yet but I’m still waiting for one to end up on my back porch. Kodi thinks this is complete nonsense and will stay on the porch all day while Daisy is out hunting.

Hope your summer was as nice as ours. Enjoy our gorgeous weather and have a great autumn, I can hardly wait until Halloween!!!

Posted by Nancy Knox


12 responses to “Happy FALL to each of you

  1. It’s Fall Already?!?! I’m still waiting for summer to get here!! You ask: “Don’t you just love this season?” I’d love this season if it was finally summer!!

    Congratulations of that calf of your granddaughter’s!


    • Will actually a few nice days, but I’m ready for the crisp, clean fall days and actually being able to say the yard work is done for the season, garden is finished, all the canning is done!!! Ah, to just relax!!! Thanks for the comment

  2. Wow. Fall DOES start this week, doesn’t it. It’s been such a strange weather year, I didn’t even have that on my radar. Thank you so much for posting another pic of Quiet Lucy and Kaylea. I love hearing about how they are raking in the ribbons. Well done!

  3. Quite an accomplishment for quiet Lucy, the 4-H group and the parents. Congratulations all around … to you as well! I also love school supplies! Never associated it with the smell of pencils, but crayola … the crayons … brand new …. unmolested tips …. wonderful! I am ready for autumn … my cozy season. Lovely post.

  4. Such fun! I love that there are cow treats. Learned my new thing for the day with that one.

    Congrats on the win for your grand daugher and hope for many more.

    Fall is my favorite season – I adore the smells, the sights and of course, Halloween!

  5. Aww, what a sweet cow! Congrats to your granddaughter and Quiet Lucy. 🙂

    This feels a little eerie – my childhood dogs were named Daisy and Kodi too.

    Hope you enjoy your autumn!

  6. Congratulation to Kaylea and you. So Fair season is over? How long until your out to the ball games? You could run for grandparents of the year.

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