Grape Salad

A friend of mine went to a retirement party the other day and called me to tell me about it. She raved over a grape salad that someone had brought and said it was a Paula Deen recipe. I told her I had a grape salad recipe better than any old Paula Deen recipe that a friend of mine had given me over 10 years ago. I emailed it to her and she said the only difference in them was that I layer mine in a trifle dish and Paula mixes her up. So, chicken/egg question: who had the recipe first, my friend, Linda or Paula Deen? Doesn’t matter, ’cause anyway you look at it, it’s yummy. Try it.  You’ll be happy. 

Grape Salad 

8 oz cream cheese

½ cup sugar

8 oz sour cream

Add first 3 ingredients together

4 cups of grapes (½ red, ½ green)

3/4 cup pecans (or so)

1/4 cup brown sugar

layer ½ of the grapes, ½ of the cream cheese mixture, some pecans, some brown sugar. Repeat the layers.

Sorry no picture this time. I haven’t made it in a while but am planning to this week.


16 responses to “Grape Salad

  1. Oh, yes. That works for me. 🙂 And I’m not even going to try to figure out who came up with it first. lol

  2. Yummy, we love grapes. This looks like a really really good recipe for us.

  3. Sounds yummy … maybe someday … but currently on a strict food regime. However I can enjoy a smile and imagine the rest of you putting a delightful morsel in your mouths, (now mine is watering,) closing your eyes and tilting up your chins … and smiling … while you chew!

  4. Is it weird that since pregnancy, grapes sound kinda icky? The cream cheese/sour cream dressing sounds fabulous though! Think this would work with cherries?

  5. I made this recipe today and we all loved it. It will be a great one to take to potlucks. Thanks Jillian

  6. When I make grape salad I like to use a trailmix with almonds, pecans, walnuts and chocolate chips. I also use a sm pk of sugar free vanilla pudding, cream cheese, sour cream and honey. Red, green and black grapes.

  7. Jillian, I forgot to say I don’t put any sugar in my grape salad since I use honey and the pudding. also good with blueberries and dried cranberries.

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