Getting Older – Or is it Better

Is it just me or are there more age related emails being passed around? You know those ones that say “You know you’re old if ….” I laugh with everyone else but I’m finding I’m also relating to the darn things. I could do a whole series of blogs on ‘getting older’ and I might, but I’m going to get serious in this one.

I’m no doubt the biggest baby when it comes to going to the doctor or even the dentist. The past few years, while enjoying good health, a few things are starting to show wear. If I were a car I’d be seriously thinking of trading in for a new one. Too bad bodies don’t work that way.

A few years ago at a routine eye exam I found out that I had cataracts. Forewarned that at sometime in the future I would need to have them removed I didn’t think too much of it. After all it was ‘sometime in the future’. Well the future arrived and true to form I fussed and worried and whined as the appointment for removal loomed, like a few weeks.

When The Day arrived, I had the first appointment of the day. They showed me to a large room that had curtained cubicles with recliner chairs. I didn’t have to undress. They took a few vital tests like blood pressure and the anesthesiologist came in to explain how he would deaden the eye and that I wouldn’t feel any pain from the operation. He also offered to give me something that would take the edge off. I was all for that.

A few minutes after he gave me a mild sedative in an IV, I got up and walked into the operating room where there was a bed. The anesthesiologist deadened the eye. There was some pain, it felt like when you eat ice cream too fast. He talked me through it so it wasn’t scary or even that painful. During the operation the doctor and nurse talked about an upcoming garlic festival and I even participated a little in the conversation. There was a grinding noise but the doctor forewarned me and again no anxiety. He had said it would be around a seven to ten minute procedure. I’m not sure how long it did take but I checked in at the receptionist at 7:30 and was turning into our driveway at 9:00.

As life goes this was a very very small bump in the road. I’m feeling very thankful to be living in the age of technology.

One more eye to go and true to form, and even after trying to help myself by writing this reminder that it wasn’t all that bad, I’ll start fussing in about two weeks from now. But maybe this time it will only be for a day or two.


8 responses to “Getting Older – Or is it Better

  1. I’m with you on being a big baby about going to the doctor. Having grown up in a family without medical insurance (to my knowledge), we only went to the doctor is we were seriously sick or bleeding profusely. Preventive medicine? Routine check ups? Hah! I’ve been lucky in that I’ve been a very healthy person (knock on wood), but it drives my husband nuts because we’re military and have access to health care. Don’t get me wrong. My kids get those regular screenings. Me? Not so much. And the reason why it drives my wonderful hubby insane? He’s a preventive med doc! Anyhow, good luck with your second cataract surgery!

  2. I am SO on the same page as you are about procedures and such. I broke my arm badly about 15 years ago and I was 4 weeks post op before I even WANTED to put any make up on. The nursing staff at the doctor’s office said they were wondering if I was going to pull out of it. But I did, eventually, and my wrist is in pretty good shape thanks to the wonderful surgeon I had.

    Yep, not that I wish medical stuff on my family and friends, but I’m much better as a caretaker than a patient. 🙂

  3. Generally, I’m happy getting older. Weird, I know, but there it is. I don’t stress or worry about stuff as much, am more content with the smaller things and happier in my own skin. But, yes Lavada, the health problems are something I could do without. If only everything didn’t wear out, expand, shrink, drop, fade … and in all the wrong places 🙂 My biggest gripe with getting older is teeth, particularly a wobbly one that I’m holding onto as long as I can because of those horrid impressions they have to take. Hate those with a passion.

  4. Tricia, don’t delay treatment on that loose tooth. Dental hygiene is one of the most overlooked centers of either good or poor health, as things that go wrong in the mouth can gravitate to contribute to heart disease etc. Better to take a little happy gas than to delay treatment for teeth. Money can be a huge deterrent, but if one can afford it, go for it. Talk to your dentist about the things that you dread or hate. They can come up with a distraction for you. Gas, music, TV, etc. Take your i-pad to the chair?

    My husband says the next time he marries, he will look into the prospective bride’s mouth! I have been an expensive wife in that regard!

    Regarding caretakers versus patients, Laurie, for me, I often think that it is harder to be the “watcher or care giver” of a loved one than it is to go through it. Sometimes caregivers or family members are at a loss as to how to help. But then my Dad was a country Doctor, (made house calls!) and being brave and strong when I was ill was a badge of honor … and won me his attention and praise. Mind you, I would be hell on wheels as a patient with modern pain killers!

    Getting older? Hmmm. I’m almost a bionic woman! Quality of life is preserved by modern medicine, hip replacements, etc. Wonderful! The alternative to aging isn’t attractive. Grin.

  5. That was supposed to read, “WITHOUT modern pain killers” When will I get this proof reading down pat?

  6. You’re right, Marion, and I will pluck up the courage to have something done about it. My dentist has assured me he can do a sort of mini impression, but it still gives me the heebie geebies. Love your husband’s comment about checking out his prospective bride’s mouth. Mine says something similar. We’ve both been to the dentist so many times over the years we call our dentist Doc Crippin (although not to his face – he’s lovely really).

    And I agree with what Laurie said. It’s so much harder watching a loved one go through things.

  7. I hate to go to the doctor. I’m glad the procedure you had went well. I’m a big ole baby when it comes to that kind of thing.

    Aging is a bugaboo!!

  8. Valerie J. Patterson

    So glad things went well Lavada…and will pray the second goes even better.

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