Book Review – Surfer Bride by Jillian Chantal

This month, we’re reviewing a book written by one of our own – Jillian Chantal. I originally picked this book up because I loved the title and it didn’t disappoint.

Quincy Holt is a champion surfer and Jillian Chantal made me feel I was out on the water with this character. Even out of the surf, Quincy acts with a surfer’s code. She knows what’s right and what’s not right and no one is going to keep her from bringing down one of those “wrongs”. One man tries. He’s rescued her once already, but there’s a world of hurt between these two. The tension is palpable and believable and the resolution is…well, I don’t want to give it away, but I think Jillian nailed the perfect ending to this story.

The stakes are high for Quincy and Finn. She’s about to marry the man he wants to bring to justice. Add to that an attraction neither can shake off and this story kept me turning page after page after page. If you need something to take you away from everyday life for a while, I highly recommend this read.

To read more about Jillian Chantal and her books, you can visit her website at:

posted by Laurie Ryan


14 responses to “Book Review – Surfer Bride by Jillian Chantal

  1. I haven’t read a surfer story yet. And, didn’t even realize it until I was reading your review. Sounds like a good story, I’m looking forward to picking it up.

  2. Thanks for the great review, Laurie! I appreciate it. This is one of my favorite of my stories. Very near and dear to my heart. I’m thrilled you liked it so much.

    Lavada- I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to read it.

  3. HAHAHA- I’ve tried. I have a kid that does it and I’ve tried – I’m kind of a I’m kind of a klutz – I can boogie board like a champ as well as water ski but since surfing is out deeper than a skim board and there’s nothing to hold onto, I can’t stay up on the dang thing. I’ve swallowed an ocean trying.

    I learned all I know by osmosis from being around my kid and his friends as well as my old boyfriends. I have also watched my share of competitions and surf movies with these boyfriends back in the day – living in a coastal town, you kind of pick up that stuff. LOL!

  4. I typed about being a klutz twice above – LOL! SEE? I am!

    My former boyfriend that has a lot of Finn’s qualities had the nickname of “Surf’s Up” in high school and one of my teachers used to tell me to “watch out for the surf” when he wasn’t around me- 😛

  5. Thanks Laurie. I love the water!! AND sand in my shorts- Not really- as it can be quite gross. LOL!

  6. This has been a fun blog with the comments I almost felt like I –was– hanging out over the backyard fence. I would encourage everyone to chime in, The more the merrier sort of thing.

  7. Lavada- yeah, that was kind of what we did, wasn’t it- FUN!

  8. I’m off to order this. Being a water babe it sounds like my kind of read..

  9. Laurie, your review drove me to the website, and I see that there are several tempting novels there, waiting for my ‘to be read list. Watched the video’s too. Way to go, Jilllian!

  10. Tricia- Thanks. I hope you like it.

    Marion- Thanks for checking out the site. I hope you like any you choose to read. Thanks on the videos, too. I made them myself so that makes me happy!

  11. It’s worth reading. 🙂

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