Let’s Talk Music

I love music. I listen to it when I’m writing. I crank it up when I’m cleaning house. That picture of someone dancing through the kitchen with a mop as a partner—that’s me.  🙂

So I thought I’d start a discussion about music. I grew up in the days where my favorite artists were Neil Diamond and John Denver. I can still be seen singing Cracklin’ Rosie while driving down the highway. I just make sure the windows are rolled up. I, um, don’t have the voice Neil Diamond does. lol

Most music history that is taught breaks music into six historical periods:

  • The Middle Ages (think Gregorian Chant)
  • The Renaissance (sacred music goes mainstream and dance music is popularized)
  • The Baroque Period (Johann Sebastian Bach and opera)
  • The Classical Period (music lightens up)
  • The Romantic Era (emotional depth gets added)
  • The Twentieth Century (The Beatles and Elvis!)

I never took any music history classes in college and I don’t know why. I love to listen to most anything, from opera to country. And, while this isn’t a contest and there’s no prize, I thought I’d list a few songs I like and see if you can identify the artist. (Be careful paging down because I’ve listed the answers at the bottom of the blog.) Here you go:

2010 – The House That Built Me
1993 – Bed of Roses
1986 – Addicted To Love
1973 – Daniel
1969 – My Way
1955 – The Great Pretender

These are only a few songs I like and some are before my time. Well, at least before I started listening to music. When I need to concentrate the most, I put classical on. Brahms, or Shostakovich if I need to be empowered.

Now it’s your turn. What do you listen to? Do you have a favorite artist or genre you listen to? A favorite song?

Oh, and here’s your answers:
2010 – The House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert)
1993 – Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi)
1986 – Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer)
1973 – Daniel (Elton John)
1969 – My Way (Frank Sinatra)
1955 – The Great Pretender (the Platters)

Have a GREAT day!

posted by Laurie Ryan


16 responses to “Let’s Talk Music

  1. On a recent trip we took the Deception Pass boat tour. The current running through that pass are really strong and the rough scenic matches it. As we roared out of the pass they put on some jivy 50ish music and it really enhanced the feel.

    One of my all time favorite artists is Henry Mancini and I love The Thorn Birds Theme. Here’s a link to it.

    • Lavada, that’s a LOVELY selection. It just mellowed my frenzied morning out. I’m going to have to go search for more flute music. I really enjoyed it.

  2. I identified only one! The Platters, with the great Pretender. Others, The Twelfth of Never, When I Fall In Love, It Will Be Forever, Smoke Gets In Your eyes were my favorites.

    My favorite artists started with Pat Boon, Ricky Nelson, The Platters, Eddy Fisher, Dean Martin, Eddie Arnold, The Everley Brothers, Andy Williams, many country singers, and moved ahead to Ann Murray, Melina Mercury, Abba, Neil Diamond, and the odd song or artist that my children liked. The only types of music I can’t enjoy, that actually set me on edge are discordant modern classical music, and jazz.

    Music does stir the creative core and I have albums set up on my i-tunes to listen to as I write. Thanks Lori, for challenging my memory!

    • OMGosh! I was so in LOVE with Ricky Nelson. Who could resist those eyes? And I also have a great appreciation for Andy Williams, Perry Como and the like. And ABBA? Can you hear the drums, Fernando? Did you see the movie with Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep. It was awesome!

  3. My favorite artist depends on my mood. Like you, I just like music, doesn’t matter what kind. For Car Shows during the summer months my favs are Car Tunes. Think Beach Boys and Avengers. There’s rampant street dancing at HAN in Reno,and I love to dance to WIPEOUT by the BBs! The Moody Blues are always great to listen to, so’s Elvis. Electric Light Orchestra was always a fav back in the day. The Beatles are also always great. More mellow moods call for sounds like Henry Gross. I coud go on with my favs, but I won’t. I’ve got a whole cabinet full of those relic things called LPs (just dated myself) that I no longer listen to even though my bf has loaded them all onto my computer. I’m one of those writers who like to write in silence. 🙂

    • I know the Beach Boys, but can’t remember the Avengers. I’ll have to go search them out. And I STILL listen to the Moody Blues. My husband and I have a lot of records. Once a year, when I clean out the stereo cabinet, we play a few just for old times sake.

  4. Valerie J. Patterson

    Very good post. I love music. Classical, Jazz, and–oddly–show tunes! Gospel and Christian Rock. I knew three of your songs. I don’t normally listen to music while I write, but I listen to it while I work out and while I drive. Any day of the week, i can be found singing in the car. Of course, with the invention of blue tooth ear pieces, I no longer look like I’m talking to myself or am a nut! 😛

    • Yay, show tunes! I’m actually a big musical fan. Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. So show tunes are right up my alley. And you are so right about blue tooth, Valerie. Now we just look like we’re talking to someone…except for the tapping fingers on the steering wheel. lol

  5. Great post, Laurie.

    I love all kinds of music. Especially jazz/blues

    Favourite songs:
    Herp Alpert – This Guy’s in Love with You

    Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World

    Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Summertime

    I also love any song sung by Barbra Streisand

    • This was a great blog topic, because I’m being reminded of music I haven’t listened to in a long time. Herb Albert is great. And I have Celine Dion’s rendition of It’s a Wonderful World. Exquisite! There’s also no one like Barbra.
      Now I’m off to go listen to some Herb Alpert – I need to get jazzed up for my day. Thanks, Jan!

  6. Great post! I also love music, but I can not write with it. Yes, it stimulates creativity, but I start choreographing dances, not writing. (I have some pretty cool dances going on in my head.) By the way, I did pretty okay on your little quiz. I missed the Miranda Lambert and Platters ones, but I would have had to turn in my Jon Bon Jovi fan club card if I missed “Bed of Roses”.

  7. Hi, Micki. I almost alwasy have music playing when I write. Isn’t it funny how different we all are? And good for you on the quiz. 🙂

  8. I knew them all but the first one. I love all the music you cited. Heck, I love almost all music- Not a fan of the country stuff.

    I always have a soundtrack for each of my novels with songs that pertain to the action.

  9. Well done, Jillian. If there were a prize, you’d have earned it. 🙂 I don’t have the energy to do a soundtrack for each book. I have sets of music for whatever mood I need. I hope you’re surviving your day!

  10. Laurie, I’m a huge Neil Diamond fan and named my last book for one of his songs. He’s the artist I turn to when I’m feeling reflective. When I’m feeling more rock chick, it’s Bruce Springsteen. The old musicals like Seven Brides (I was SO in love with the brother in the red shirt), On the Town and White Christmas have the feelgood factor and wrap me up in a comfort blanket.

    • Tricia, my favorite Neil Diamond album isn’t even one of his most popular. It’s Tap Root Manuscript. I was in high school when it came out and it spoke to me. Still does.

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