Fun Food Monday – Seafood Salad

I’m digging out old recipes and this is one I used to make a lot. It makes quite a bit and I used it when we had company or a potluck.

I have a hand written note to: “drain seafood but not well”

• 1 lrg loaf of sandwich bread (I used to use white bread but now would try it with the oatmeal we like)
• 1 onion
• 4 boiled eggs
• 2 cans of shrimp
• 2 cans of crab
• 1 cup chopped celery
• 3 cups mayonnaise

Trim crusts off bread. Butter each slice on one side and cut each slice into 30 pieces.

Chop onion and eggs fine and mix into the bread. Refrigerate overnight in an air tight container.

The next day add shrimp, crab, celery and mayonnaise and mix well.

Keeps well but make ½ recipe unless serving a large group.


8 responses to “Fun Food Monday – Seafood Salad

  1. Sounds unique and delicious. So how would you serve this … just like a regular salad, or on crackers or something?

  2. Mmm, sounds very easy to make, and tasty, too. I bet it would make a nice starter to an evening meal. Thanks for sharing. Jan x

  3. Sounds good, Lavada!


  4. We just use it as a salad something like a potato or macaroni salad. The adults love it, the kids not so much.

  5. Hey, that sounds so good, might have to try that today. Catch you later.

  6. I’ve never heard of adding bread to a salad mixture like this. I bet the texture is nice. My husband would like this a lot, I’m guessing, but alas, I would have to remove the shrimp. Not my favorite seafood. 🙂 I’m sure it would still taste good without the shrimp, though.

  7. Sounds tasty and easy- just what I like. Will definitely try this one, Lavada.

  8. Thanks for the comments, I was sort of AWOL from the computer yesterday as we went on a wine tasting tour. Had a great time, and discovered Ice Wine. Yummy, though it doesn’t taste much like wine. More like a rich full flavorful mango nectar. I’m going to try it over ice cream.

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