Good morning from the Knox Farm.

I think in one of my other blogs I told you about our miracle calf, Passion’s Miracle, well I have a new name for her—Escape Artist. Between her and our other heifer Lainey they are like two little boys getting into trouble constantly (except they are girls).

One day I was getting ready to leave and heard a noise on the back porch. Here was Lainey getting ready to take a nap. Upon further investigation I found Miracle in the driveway. She had banged her head on the gate (that wasn’t latched) just enough to get her head through and get the gate open. So out she went. Two days later I caught her doing the same thing again but this time she was headed to the porch. Seems they really like the carpet that I have on the porch for our two dogs, Daisy and Kodi. Kodi, of course, is scared to death of the cows but Daisy really likes them except when they come on the porch. She tries to hide in the corner—a little bark would probably get them moving but that doesn’t seem to happen.

Miracle’s other favorite thing to do is get into the hay barn and run and tear through the barn. She’ll even climb on the hay if I don’t get there fast enough. Now that the hay is in the barn she can’t figure out quite how to get to the top and I think I’m getting everything latched down tight enough to keep up with her. At three months she is a terror, maybe going through the terrible threes?? But what an amazing little girl to work with. She halter broke with no problem and you can walk into the corral and put a halter on her with little effort. I can hardly wait to get her to a show with lots of competition to see how she does.

This week I am sending another picture of Daisy. This is what happens when James (my grandson) comes to visit. He is also the official owner of Daisy. She can be so sweet and so good but as soon as James walks in the door she is everywhere, including the living room furniture. Life would certainly not be as exciting without her around to keep me moving (and vacuuming dog hair). Gotta love em both.

Hope your summer is going as great as mine. Lots of work getting done. Isn’t this weather absolutely perfect!!


8 responses to “Good morning from the Knox Farm.

  1. We finally have several days of sunshine and warmth here. I’m not complaining about our weather. We’ve had an easier time that a lot of places who’ve had scorching weather. Still, it’s nice to have some sunshine replace this year’s gray.
    I love hearing about your animals, Nancy. Miracle is full of mischief, isn’t she? And Daisy’s as cute as ever. I know what you mean about vacuuming animal hair. We have a cat. How can a short hair cat shed so much? lol

  2. Try a long haired cat Laurie. But it’s all so worth it.

    Fun read Nancy. You make me feel like I’m sitting in your kitchen having coffee.

  3. How Cute!! I love Animals! Especially Baby Animals!

    It’s about TIME the weather got to be “absolutely perfect”! And this morning on TV they were giving a winter FORECAST!!!! ACCCKKKK!



    Such a great picture. They both look so happy. I’m glad you’re having a great summer – mine is super hot but that’s just where I chose to live. LOL! We have had a hint of 70s in the last few days and that’s nicer than 107.

  5. Great photo, Nancy. Our pup is only nine and a bit weeks old and I’m vaccuming dog hair. Can only imagine what it will be like later. Weather over here in Blighty has been positively autumnal this week. I’m not ready for winter. *Sigh*

  6. Valerie J. Patterson

    I really enjoy your posts about the menagerie of animals you have. I can’t imagine opening the front door and finding a cow on the porch! However, a friend of mine who lives in the country went our her back door and found a cow in her inground swimming pool one morning!

    Nice photo of your grandson and Daisy. Boys and dogs just seem to go together very well.

  7. Nancy you are so blessed to have a home full of animals ~ even if they do shed hair 🙂

    We live close to a main road and dare not have any in case they should get out ~ as Miracle has shown they always find a way 🙂

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments and Lavada I wish you were sitting in my kitchen having coffee. That condo is looking better all the time. Now if we can find one in-between that allows (cows)!!! Thanks again everyone. I really enjoy this blog and glad I am a part of it.

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