Zorro has arrived!

Meet Zorro, our first guide dog foster puppy. Isn’t he adorable? He arrived on Wednesday afternoon and has already worked his way deep into our hearts –we are besotted.

His arrival has not been without its dramas and already he’s had two visits to the vet. On Wednesday evening, he wouldn’t eat or drink anything and was sick about seven times. By 10pm he seemed very poorly, lethargic and shaking. We were advised to take him to the vet who tested him for just about everything and said he had gastro enteritis. After three shots (he was very brave and hardly whimpered) he slept all night. We took him to our own vet in the morning who confirmed the diagnosis and gave us some kaolin paste to mix with his food. We later learned from our guide dog supervisor that his sister was poorly with the same thing, so he must have been feeling pretty ill when he arrived.

I’m thrilled to say he’s recovered now, is eating, drinking, playing, sleeping and this morning is into everything. Right now as I type this, he’s curled into my side fast asleep.

He’s very bright and works out things really fast – and don’t I sound like a proud mama 🙂 He seems to like all his toys and has taken a liking to my red painted toenails (boy are those tiny teeth sharp) and my Birkenstock sandals. We’re working on the toilet issues having had plenty of ‘accidents’ and he’s doing very well with his crate training. Last night he cried a bit when we put him down for the night. I steeled myself not to go down but AJ couldn’t bear it and caved. Of course, all he wanted to do was play, so I think (hope) we’ve got his measure.

AJ and I are both agreed that despite feeling happily exhausted, this little guy has brought us such joy already. We’re loving every moment of having him in our lives and are hoping the year doesn’t go by too fast.


13 responses to “Zorro has arrived!

  1. Oh my gosh Tricia, I’m in love. This has to be the most adorable little guy ever. I have to admire you and AJ because I could never give him up. That’s why I could never foster. He looks so fat and happy. Just what a puppy should look like. I’m going to be looking forward to more puppy stories.

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Is the next big event Retirement?

  2. Tricia, He’s absolutely adorable. So pleased he’s arrived at last and settling in.
    I wasn’t going to mention your birthday but …

  3. so – Zorro is adorable…as was Smokey, our lab who looked just like him 90 lbs. ago. Smokey is just 1 year old now and has eaten our lawn furniture, siding off our house and LOVES to eat rocks – just had surgery to remove one that was too large to pass. We love him a bunch but…good luck! 🙂

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! He’s SO cute! Okay, so I wanted to say adorable, but had to come up with some sort of other descriptor. What a doll! And what fun for you and AJ. I LOVE that he was cuddled up next to you as you typed this blog. Puppies are happiness pills, aren’t they? Congratulations on getting your puppy to train. And one with a totally cool name, to boot! 🙂
    And I’ll add my wishes for the happiest of birthdays, too! Enjoy your newest present.

  5. He really is adorable, Lavada. i don’t even want to think about him going off to big school in a year’s time and the way things are going, I think AJ will be worse than me. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    He’s settling in very well, Kit, and seems to be bonding with us well. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m not thinking about the numbers 🙂

    Oh my gosh, Barb. Smokey needing surgery to remove a large rock! Poor chap. Zorro has a penchant for pebbles/stones and we’ve removed quite a few from his mouth already!

    How true, Laurie. Happiness pills is exactly right. It feels like I’ve overdosed 🙂 He’s the best birthday present I could have. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  6. What a sweetie. Just adorable. Glad he’s feeling better. Can’t wait to see how he grows and thrives.

    Happy birthday!

  7. He’s certainly feeling better, Jillian. Into absolutely everything, very inquisitive and adventurous. We’re all sleeping a lot at the moment 🙂

  8. Our yellow lab puppy is just past six months. Lots of adventures and challenges, but he is so loveable and loving it is all worth it. Kudos to you for doing this. I would love to hear how you solve problems with the wee darling.

  9. I agree that they’re certainly worth the challenge, Marion. We’re loving the whole experience. At six months I’ll bet your pup is cute as a button. Zorro put himself in the crate all by himself this morning and barked to go outside to relieve himself, or that may have been because he saw a bird on the lawn. We like to think it’s the former 🙂

  10. Valerie J. Patterson

    Aw, Tricia, Zorro is adorable. Looking at his photos, I almost forget why I am not a dog person (was mauled by one when I was 9). He’s certainly enjoying himself with his toys. I have a feeling you’re going to have a difficult time giving him back when the time comes. Don’t envy you that. Question: What is “crate training”?

  11. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience when you were young, Valerie. Those things stay with us. We have to encourage Zorro to sleep in a crate (big wire cage type thing) where he has blankets, toys and a little piece of material with the scent of his mum and siblings. He seems to like being in it and actually went in by himself yesterday, but not for long. Such a cutie.

  12. Zorro looks absolutely adorable. Just like the a puppy should look. Those teeth are really sharp too, just like needles. 🙂

  13. Yes, Jan. Those baby teeth are sharp! We’re constantly being challenged by puppy play biting 🙂

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