Beer Chicken

I’m in Italy with the younger son this week so I posted this early so I wouldn’t let anyone down that needs an easy recipe!  This one is Beer Chicken. You need the following:

a can of Foster’s Ale

a whole chicken

olive oil

poultry seasoning

honey, bbq sauce, garlic salt and worchestershire sauce

a grill set at 350 degrees

Take that chicken and slather it with olive oil and poultry seasoning

take the beer and either dump out 1/3 of it or swig down 1/3 of it- then poke 6-8 holes in the top of the can. Slide the bird onto the can (about 1/2 way down)

put on grill on indirect heat with foil under it (don’t put directly over the coals) and leave for 1 hr and 15 mins- then baste off/on for 15 mins with the honey, garlic, worchestershire and bbq concoction (I make this to taste- a little of each).

remove, cut and serve


8 responses to “Beer Chicken

  1. We’ve been wanting to try this, so might just have to now. We have a gas grill, though. I wonder if it will work as well? Are those wood/smoking chips on the foil in the pictures, by the way?
    (and I hope you don’t answer this until you get back from Italy! Or maybe I do. I see from your other blog that you’re on the FAST train today. Yikes!)

    • Yea its on the gas grill. You light the grill and set the chicken to the side for reflected heat. Not direct. Also, this time when I took the pic, son had put hickory chips on the foil. I didn’t taste a difference

  2. OMG – this looks so good. We have a gas grill too so will be interested in your answer to Laurie’s question.

    How’s the weather in Italy? The reason I’m so into weather these days is we haven’t had but a few days of spring weather and summer? At this rate we won’t even know when fall gets here. Well I guess the leaves will turn.

  3. Valerie J. Patterson

    I will share this recipe with the hubby who’s been wanting to try his hand at beer-roasted chicken. Thanks!

  4. Janette Harjo

    Sounds good, Jiliian! I’m going to have to modify it, of course, since I don’t have a grill (other that George Foreman). LOL! I’m looking at and thinking about my table top oven. yum


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