Smart Phones – Will I ever figure it all out?

While we don’t do themes here at Over The Backyard Fence, this week seems to be leaning toward the technological side of life. I took the plunge a couple days ago and upgraded to a smart phone. The primary reason I did this is because I think texting is a great way to communicate quickly, but my old flip-phone keyboard frustrated the heck out of me. I either had to push the numeric “2” three times to get a C or use T9 (intelligent word guessing???). Except that half the time, I’d back up to fix something and end up losing the entire text. Arggggghhhhhhh!

So we headed to the store and bought a phone with a full keyboard on it. It’s my shiny new toy. 🙂 Now, I consider myself pretty good at techie stuff. I can generally figure out issues with my computer, or know where to go for help. I’ve done my own re-formats. And I understand there’s a learning curve with new technology.

I have to say, though, that this phone is kind of kicking my hiney. I figured out a lot of the set up stuff. But I’m brand new to apps. It appears that apps are basically a short cut to XXX information. I think they may actually re-format the information a bit into a phone friendly look? Do apps do anything else?

Thanks to our phone guy and the market app he loaded for me, I can find the app market for my phone with Android technology. But I’m having trouble understanding what I’m shopping for there. For instance, I would like to download a free Facebook app. Is this something offered by Facebook or did some third party design it? Are all apps safe or do I run the risk of downloading some virus?

AND – do you ever purchase apps? My husband and I geocache. I could purchase the “official” groundspeak app for $9.99. But there are a couple other geocaching apps out there for free. How do I figure out what will work best for me?

So many questions, so little time. I’ll take any advice I can get to help me get to a comfortable level with this new technology.  Well, not new, I guess. But new to me.


posted by Laurie Ryan


8 responses to “Smart Phones – Will I ever figure it all out?

  1. Yikes Laurie. I am horrible with hardware stuff. I usually get a new ‘toy’ and then only use a portion of it’s potential. I learn what I need to, to do what I want. All the other bells and whistles just sit there. It’s nothing to have something for months, okay even years and have someone, usually a grandchild say “I do this or that” and I’m off in a new land.

    But, it’s fun and knowing you, you’re going to conquer it. So what did you end up getting?

  2. I got a Samsung with Android technology. There’s clearly a learning curve here for me and I’m on the low end of it at the moment. lol

  3. Laurie. I’m not really all that into texting. I have that same phone you used to have. Lol. I do type on my iPod and iPad and I do try the free apps first. If I hate it, then I buy one. I’ve found the fee ones are pretty good.

  4. I still haven’t gotten an app to download, but my niece says it’s not me. So I’m off to see the phone guy Monday. 🙂 Other than that, I’m enjoying the new phone. Lots to learn, though.

  5. Laurie, I am the last person to ask about this kind of technology, I have one of those old fashioned phones that is bulky and does no more than make a call. I have not even discovered how to text on it! Though saying that, on TV they were advertising a contactless payment system using your phone pre-loaded with cash. I don’t know if it’s available in the US. but they’ve just made the first payments in the UK. Now I’m thinking I might purchase one of those. Shopping would be so much fun. Just point, zapp, and away we go.

    I wonder what they will come up with next. 🙂

  6. My phone is an old fashioned workhorse with no apps. I text on it and make calls and that’s about it.

    Hmm, Jan, point and zap … I could get on board with that!

  7. Yes, me too, Tricia

    I’m sure it will make it easier to spend money. Maybe money I haven’t even got 🙂

  8. Maybe that’s what I need to do. Revert to a kinder, gentler method. 🙂

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