A guest blog – My Newest Grandbaby!

posted by Laurie Ryan

When my friend mentioned she was looking for places to brag about her family, I jumped at the chance to have her as a guest blogger here at Over The Backyard Fence and Lavada was generous enough to give us one of her blog dates. You see, I had seen the pictures you’re about to see and they tugged at my heart strings. So without further, ado, let me introduce our guest blogger today, Janette Harjo. I know Janette from my local author’s group. I won’t go into her story in depth, but I’m aware she’s had to overcome some significant obstacles in her walk through life. She works hard to further her career as a writer and has, within the last couple years, received her degree from the University of Washington. That  she does it all with a smile is an inspiration to me. Of course, with a family like this, it’s hard not to smile, right Janette?

 Janette says:

I just can NOT resist showing this picture!

My son just got married to a very Precious Lady who brought a new Favorite Grandbaby in the Whole World into my life! All my Grandbabies are my Favorites in the Whole World and now I have THREE!! Litttle Avalon is 2 and a 1/2 and she was a part of their April 16, 2011 wedding ceremony. 

She was a member of their wedding party and this picture is so dear to my heart because when the minister asked my son and his bride to join hands, my little Avi reached up to join hands with them. To me it signified her part in the beginning of their happy little family.

My thanks to Cashman Photography for capturing this perfect moment for us.


8 responses to “A guest blog – My Newest Grandbaby!

  1. Beautiful picture Janette. And, Grandmothers have bragging rights so go to it.
    Thanks for joining us today and sharing.

  2. What a cutie and what a precious moment when she joined her hands with the bride and groom! Beautiful photo, Janette.

  3. Janette, What a wonderful picture and a touching way for them to start their new lives together.

  4. How wonderful and what a happy family they are. So happy for you and your family on the new additions. Love the name Avalon, too. Just beautiful!!

  5. What beautiful pictures Janette. Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

  6. Carol Dunford

    Awesome pictures!!

  7. How proud you must be Janette. Such beautiful pictures.

  8. Hey Guys! Thanks for all the reponses! And thanks for agreeing with this Grandma about how precious these pictures are! This response from me has taken so long bc I’m, um, shall we say, Technically Challenged! LOL! I just found thsi page of responses today!


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