Easy-Peasy (literally) Pot Pie Recipe

I am not a fan of English peas and I don’t put them in this recipe but I’m sure most of the folks reading this will and that’s all right by me. For this chicken pot pie recipe, you need the following ingredients:

Pillsbury roll out pie crusts (red box- 2 in box- DON’T buy the store brand as they aren’t rich enough)

Chicken strips (cut into small pieces)

Large can of family style cream of chicken soup

small can of carrots

small can of English peas (if you must <g>)

any other veggies you want to add (sometimes I put in small, diced potatoes or celery)

Unroll the bottom crust into pie pan. Add all other ingredients to a bowl and stir until mixed well. Pour into bottom crust. Unroll other crust and lay on top of the mixture. Fold the edges together and flute them. Vent the top.  Cook for 45 minutes at 375 degrees (be sure to cut chicken small enough not to require parboiling). ENJOY!!


8 responses to “Easy-Peasy (literally) Pot Pie Recipe

  1. Ooooh, Jillian, I LOVE pot pies. Can’t find one that’s low cal, so I’m careful about how often I eat them. But this one sounds yummy (and quick). I’ll be giving it a try. Thanks for posting the recipe!

    • Thanks Laurie- you could use the low sodium soup and that would help some. This really is quite yummy – and I can say that as I got it from a friend about 10 years ago.

  2. I’ve never made a Pot Pie but this recipe looks so easy and I’ll love coming up with something different. I get so tired of the same old, same old.

    Thanks Jillian

  3. Sounds a good recipe, and looks yummy, too, Jillian. Your picture is just mouthwatering.

    I was quite surprised you call the peas ‘English peas.’ Is there a reason ~ such as the way they’re prepared etc?

    Over here we just call them garden peas etc.

  4. Thanks Jan. It really is good.
    As to the English peas, that’s what we call them here in the south in the US. Garden peas or field peas here are the light brownish ones. I love the differences in language, don’t you?

  5. Jillian I find the differences really intriguing.

    Our garden peas are usually green.

    Over here we call hot dogs in tins, American Hot Dogs. I’m sure there’s other differences too.

  6. Jan- yeah, there are- your chips are french fries here and our chips are crisps over there. Bisquits here are breakfast breads similar to scones but not as sweet. Bisquits there are cookies here. It’s very intriguing.

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