The title of this post is a Twitter hashtag referring to the Royal Wedding. While I offer apologies to anyone who is a) sick of hearing about it or b) not in the least bit interested, as a Brit I can’t let today’s blog post go without a reference to it, can I?

Watching the build up on TV (despite protestations to my hubby that I would only watch the actual ceremony – ha!) I’ve learned some interesting facts about the occasion. For instance, did you know that it’s not actually a State occasion? This is because William is not the heir apparent, so most of the processional will take place after the ceremony. Following their marriage they will be given the title Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – no “princess” in Kate’s title for the same reason.

The weeks prior to the occasion have been remarkably low key, with none of the build up of Charles and Diana’s wedding. This is as it should be, of course, given the current economic climate. I took my mum and aunt on a car journey last weekend and we kept a look out for houses, pubs, hotels, etc. displaying decorations celebrating the upcoming nuptials. We found none. It’s a different matter this morning, almost like Britain has been bedecked overnight. Flags are flying, street parties have sprung up (hundreds of them all over the country), houses decorated, and it’s estimated that 2 billion people will watch the ceremony.

Oh, as I type this post I’m watching the guests arrive at Westminster Abbey – they have to sit there for almost two hours before the ceremony starts! My hubby is wondering about practicalities, like cloakroom arrangements. Bless.

Oh, and here come the Beckhams … crikey, I just saw Victora smile. Now that’s cause for celebration.



6 responses to “#abitlikechristmas

  1. I’m SO glad you are blogging about the wedding because I just got done watching it and feel the need to squeee! šŸ™‚ Victoria Beckham looked great in her navy blue outfit, didn’t she? But Kate truly stole the show. I can’t help but compare her to Grace Kelly. She picked the perfect dress. The Queen looked wonderful, too. Heck, they all did. It was a celebration fit for a Duke and Duchess. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been thinking about you and Jan. And, I think I’d love A.J. The ‘real facts’ are interesting.

    I’m watching the live telecast as I type this and it’s like getting a glimpse of a fairy tale. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. It was lovely. I, too, wondered about the “facilities” lol – Funny how the mind works, huh? I bet it was wonderful there in the crowd but I’m glad I wasn’t there- I’m claustrophobic and it would’ve been overwhelming to me. I’ll take my comfy chair and tv any day. AND I love that Mrs. Beckham smiled. Nice to know she can.

  4. So glad you enjoyed the wedding, Laurie. Yes, Kate did steal the show which is as it should be, but her sister Pippa the bridesmaid is getting a whole lot of reaction. There’s some speculation about her and Harry!

    Lavada, yes it was very fairytale-ish. Much grist for a romance novelist, eh?

    Jillian, I know what you mean about crowds. These days I prefer big events on TV šŸ™‚ You see more, too.

  5. Great post, Tricia
    Sorry I’m a bit late answering, I went away for a few days.

    The wedding was lovely. I thought Kate’s dress was beautiful ~ simple and classic.

    Laurie, some of the people I know said she looked a little like Grace Kelly ~ so slim and elegant.

  6. Hope you had a good break, Jan.
    I think Kate pitched it just right with her dress. As you say, simple and classic. Beautiful.

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