Staying in Touch

I’m relatively new to Skype, but it took no time at all for me to fall madly in love with it. I would prefer to have all my children and grandchildren living close by, but that’s not very realistic, especially in a larger family like ours. 

My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest. We have a daughter in San Diego who does not yet have Skype, but we manage to have some long and very wonderful conversations by phone.

Then there’s the daughter that’s a couple of hours drive away. She and her husband have gifted us with three lovely granddaughters. Since we can’t see them frequently, we now Skype. The baby (22 months old) now points at their computer and says “Gramma!” when she wants to talk to me. And she giggles and laughs her way through the conversation. I do get a little dizzy, though, as the kids all like to hold the camera (it’s not built in). Still, it’s wonderful to SEE and TALK to them so often.

As well, we have another daughter who is several hours away by car. Our youngest granddaughter, 20 months old, is just starting to understand the whole video call thing. She’s a very active baby so she bounces in and out of the conversation.

I don’t need to Skype with our two children who live locally. We share dinners on a regular basis and enjoy the time together. As well, as a family, we go away to a cabin each winter and cozy up for three nights of fun and renewal.

We are blessed by five children who make a point of keeping in touch. I hope it’s the same for you and your family. Do you have to Skype or call or email? Or does your family (or extended family) live close enough to actually visit face to face?

posted by Laurie Ryan


6 responses to “Staying in Touch

  1. Sounds wonderful, Laurie.

    I don’t have Skype, but I can see how it would keep family’s in touch, who live great distances apart.

    I email an aunt, but other than that , my family have not embraced the digital world. My father who is 80 reckons he’s too old to learn, and my father in law who’s in his 90’s recently gave me a computer because it was just a step too far.

    I’m afraid he’d watching too many episodes of CSI and thought computers really did all those fantastic things. Maybe they do, but not the ones we can afford anyway.

  2. We’re lucky in that our mother does do email. She lives locally, but still, each morning, we email back and forth to start our day. My Dad, however, is more like yours. He’s never owned a computer and has never wanted to. 🙂 So I understand the sentiment. I couldn’t live without mine, though. Well, I shouldn’t say that. There are times when I would gladly return to a simpler life. 🙂 Happy Easter, Jan! And a happy, happy birthday to my daughter, Michal, today!

  3. We have been lucky in the fact that except for intervals our kids have lived locally. Well until recently when with our grandson in the military his family is stationed in Colorado Springs. We email, facebook to share pictures, and phone. No Skype. Yet. But I was a hold out on the cell phone too so I may yet get there. We did get our daughter a camera for her computer and her kids in Colorado have one so they used it for awhile but not so much anymore. I guess it is easier to just pick up the phone.

    Happy Easter to everyone. We are finally getting some sun. Hope it holds out for Sunday.

  4. HAPPY EASTER, too, to everyone!!

    We are in the middle of a warm spell. Very unusual for the UK especially at Bank Holidays!

  5. Enjoy the sunshine…and the warmth! And Happy Easter to all!

  6. I have Skype but haven’t mastered it yet 🙂 Sounds like a great way to stay in touch. I recently managed to get my mum on email as she lives 80 miles away. Most of the family are about that distance in different directions, so it was lovely to spend Easter with everyone at a family gathering hosted by my mum. We all get on well and have a whole lot of fun, which makes up for living distances apart.

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