Happy April!!

The quarterly pic of the pear tree

So, it’s April already. This year seems to be flying by way too fast for me. For  some people in my family, it’s not passing as fast as they’d like – you see, I’m married to a CPA. Yep, some people think that stands for “Certified Public Accountant” but it really means  “Considered Prisoner til April.” The spouse starts to work 60-70 hour weeks in the middle of Janury and it doesn’t stop til April 15. He’s a bear to be around, too. What a thing to face every year! Ugh. It’s horrid for him but it’s also rough on the rest of us. It’s like being a  sports widow for me except the spouse is having zero fun. When the kids were small, it was much harder. It was all on me for the first four months of the year. So, we’re on the count down now. One more weekend to work and he’ll be back underfoot.  LOL! 

Flowering plant in bed

Here’s some pictures of spring in my yard.  Of course, it’s been in the 70s until yesterday when we had a terrible storm. It’s now back in the high 30s at night and 50s in the day. But wait 5 days and it’ll be 80.  We have roller coaster weather here on the Gulf Coast this time of year. We always have a cold spell near Good Friday and the rule is never plant the garden til after that!  Happy April to you all!

Azaleas = South


8 responses to “Happy April!!

  1. Hi Jillian

    Your pear tree is in full leaf already!! All our trees are only just showing the green shoots, but in a few weeks we’ll be catching you up.

    Your roller coaster weather is a little like the British weather. We talk about it all the time because we never know what’s coming next;-)

    Jan x

    • Jan- Seasons pass fast here- the pear tree was in bud last month at this time and already full. I’ve been to your lovely island and you’re telling the truth about the weather there! LOL!

  2. It’s always been hot and humid when we’ve been in Florida. But then we’ve been in Miami and up around Orlando. I guess I always thought it was warm there, and I was surprised at 30 degree’s.

    The months do seem to be flying by these past few years. ummm maybe age setting in.

    Love the pictures.

    • It can get like that here, too. Muggy is the norm! We have a very short spring/winter and they seem to hang about together for a while. I’m only 40 miles from Mobile, Ala so it’s really a different world in this part of Fla from the south. In fact, when my son moved to the Lauderdale area for college, he said he missed the trees the most. LOL! Yep, Def, age setting in, LOL! Thanks re: pics!

  3. I can’t get over the changes in that pear tree, Jillian. What a great way to showcase the changing seasons. And I’m very jealous of that azalea. Mine aren’t anywhere near that big or blooming that much. All we have so far is daffodils, crocuses and cherry trees blooming. It doesn’t help that it got down to freezing last night. Ugh! Thanks for the breath of spring.

  4. I thought it would be a good way to show the changes and it’s smack in the middle of my front yard so I see it every time I leave.

    I love daffodils, crocuses and cherry trees. They cherry trees in bloom are so gorgeous.

    I have a whole row of azaleas in front of my office, too. They grow like crazy here. I really like the white ones better but I have all reds. I’m a huge fan of white flowers.

  5. Beautiful photographs, Jillian. That azalea is gorgeous.


  6. Thanks Tricia. I love it.

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