The Fountain of Youth

I was trying to think of a subject to blog today and with the Spring blog Laurie wrote I thought of the legend of the Fountain of Youth. I guess I always feel a little younger in the spring.

Myths and legends surround longevity. One of the most famous legends is The Fountain of Youth. It was said that anyone who drank from the Fountain would have his or her youth restored.

Legend has it that in 1513 the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon looked for it in Florida. Native stories in the Caribbean told of a restorative spring located north of the Bahamas. He didn’t find it and now there is speculation that he might have never even searched for it but that it might only have been a romantic addition to his story of exploration.

One common characteristic in most of the legends is that the Fountain of Youth does not create immortality, but merely extends life. This legend and others like it might be seeds of reality as modern researchers explore balms, treatments and even special waters to rejuvenate and restore youth and vitality. In a way this is becoming a new Fountain of Youth. Not so glamorous, the original fountain was not just a place, or the water just a thing, it was more a dream. One that was a desire held by early people.

Today, we’re more likely to buy a lottery ticket to support our dreams. Why not, one common denominator in the young is hope. And, be honest when we purchase that ticket don’t we dream a little as we hope for . . .

I find the Fountain of Youth when;
#1. I eat better. The better choices I make in diet, the better and more energetic I feel. Eating things I shouldn’t means I have less energy, so do less.

#2. I put some physical activity in my day. Walking, playing a Wii game, heck even housework. Again the more I do the more energetic I feel, the less I do the more sluggish I feel.

My trouble is like the car in the grocery parking lot I keep losing the darn fountain. I stick diet and activity (notice I don’t use the E word) into a slot in the day, then forget where I put it.

Have a great day and remember to stop and enjoy. Maybe that’s the true Fountain of Youth.


5 responses to “The Fountain of Youth

  1. I totally agree that “enjoy” should be the third mark of the fountain of youth. Take time to enjoy the roses, or the family, or whatever is going on at the moment. I tend to focus on what’s coming next and have to constantly remind myself to live in the moment.
    Great post, Lavada! I love feeling young, even if my body isn’t quite so much. 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed your post, Lavada. Like you, when I eat better and put more activity into my day I feel better too. Same goes when there’s some enjoyment factored into the day. I used to be a sucker for any miracle creams/potions, but soon discovered that the real fountain of youth is just to be happy and enjoy life.

  3. Great post, Lavada

    As I grow older I still feel the same inside (about 25-30) is that normal? I don’t want to grow old, and I guess I do feel better when the spring comes.

    I said to a friend only a few days ago, wouldn’t it be great if they just had a park for adults. I could go on the swings and slide, without feeling remotely guilty 😉

    Maybe expectations by others make us older than we really are.

    One film I really loved and I’m sure you all know it was, Cocoon. Now that would be wonderful!

  4. Laurie, better to look forward then back. Just as long as it goes along with “In the Moment.”

    Tricia, I so agree. I know I felt wonderful after that recent trip to Redding.

    Jan, I loved Cocoon, and have watched it a few times. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Yes, stopping and enjoying is important and I need to do more of it. Seems sometimes that the days just run together with work and other things eating up all the time. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of just being!

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