Eagle Watching

A couple of years ago I had the good luck to have someone send me the website address to the webcams from the Hancock Wildlife foundation. We watched as eggs were laid, hatched and the young grow and fly off. I have been meaning to pass it on but there isn’t a lot to see until the little ones come along. Still if I post it now instead of waiting some might be fortunate enough to get to see the eggs hatch.

There are a number of nests under observation but my favorite is this Sidney one. I like the angle of the camera. And, after watching this pair for the past two years I feel like I know them. Right now either the mom or dad is sitting on the nest and gathering dried grass as far out as it can reach and putting it into the nest.

According to the news report, the first egg was laid on March 7 and the second on March 10. They have laid three eggs in the past – but some years only have two. Bald eagles can live 30 years in the wild so we get the opportunity to get to know this couple. I just looked up the incubation time and found that it is 35 days so we have awhile to go before we see any young. I have the due date for the first egg as April 11th and have marked my calendar.

Another fun thing to watch is when the mom and dad switch positions. It can sometimes be tense. The brooding parent doesn’t always want to leave and the other one will push it off the eggs or young. It can also get noisy when they are both at the nest together.

Enjoy, its amazing what technology gives us.


2 responses to “Eagle Watching

  1. Oh, I completely forgot to start keeping an eye on them. Thank you for the reminder. I love watching the eaglets when they are born. Amazing!

  2. Just before the light gave out last night both parents were at the nest. They are truly magnificent creatures. So regal.

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