Impromptu Trips

As this blog posts I am on the road, again. An impromptu trip with Kris (daughter) and two cousins down to Redding California to meet another cousin we haven’t seen or even heard from in about fifty years.

This is another facebook story.

A couple of months ago Julia posted on facebook that we were related and went on to explain that her mother is a cousin. OH MY GOSH. When we were growing up Joyce and I were really close. The facebook posts started flying and in no time another cousin offered his house for a family reunion this coming September.

Kris started digging out things from Nana (our grandmother). Kris is really into this and kept all the pictures and things my mother had. Fun, you can’t imagine what we found. One was an old journal Nana had written dated October 9th 1947.

A few weeks ago Kris and I met with Barb and Betty, two cousins who live about 100 miles south of us for brunch. Barb laughingly told the waitress we would probably need to pay rent on the booth. Heyyyy turned out that wasn’t a joke, as we stayed long enough. We laughed over old photos and had some nostalgic minutes over how young we all were.

Hours, no kidding, later, we were in the parking lot saying goodbye. Still glowing with all we’d uncovered Barb said, “Why don’t we just jump in the car and drive down to Fresno and see Joyce?”

We all laughed and a couple of hours later had set the date, contingent of course on letting Joyce know we were coming. When we did she was as enthused as we were and expressed some of the same things we had while standing in that parking lot.

So here we are, I’m posting this before the trip so I’ll try to comment on how we do. Joyce and her daughter Julie who started this all, drove up to Redding, cutting our trip almost in half and giving us more time to spend together. I love IMPROMTU and reminiscing a look back into yesteryears. Only thing is —- HOW DID WE GET THIS OLD!!!!!!


5 responses to “Impromptu Trips

  1. Roads trips are fun almost anytime. Add visits with family you haven’t seen in a while and it’s darn near perfect. I hope the passes didn’t give you any trouble!

  2. Good luck, Lavada. Hope you all have a great trip 🙂

  3. Sounds like fun! Hope you’re having a really great time and look forward to hearing all about it.

  4. How wonderful – I hope it’s amazing and fun!! How neat to reconnect. Jillian

  5. Got home around 5:00 Saturday night. The weather down was horrible and our gas milage matched it. Coming back we hit some rain but overall the trip was so much easier. And, down there it couldn’t have been better. We shared and laughed and even shed some tears. And, … planned future visits. I’m so happy we went and that Kris (daughter) could go with us.

    Thanks for your supportive comments.

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