In Like a Lamb, Not a Lion

The old saying of March coming in like a lion and going out as a lamb is working in it’s opposite house this year on the gulf coast of Florida. We have had some awesomely warm weather. The poor plants are totally confused. The Japanese Magnolia at my office has already bloomed and the petals are falling. (See my Wordless Wednesday post at my personal blog today for a better shot as the best shots wouldn’t load for some reason. )

On my way home on Monday afternoon, I noticed that a lot of pear trees were blooming as well. I said “wonder why my pear tree isn’t in bloom.”- I had  left home at five a.m. as once a month I have to drive three hours one way for the day job – it was pitch dark when I left home. Imagine my delight when I got home to see my pear tree in bloom- early- drat it- As you may remember, I was going to post pictures once a quarter so you could see how it changes through the year- so, this will be a month early as I want to share the lovely white blooms. 

I love March- both of my kids were born in this month- although they are different astrological signs and are opposites in personality, they do  have a birthstone and their intelligence in common.  I love the dickens out of both of them. They make my life sing.  I sometimes believe my whole purpose here on this planet was to bring these two young men to life. I have great expectations for them both. One is in his last semester of architecture school and the other is in the 11th grade and is on the academic team- his coach calls him “the ace in the hole.” 

Happy Spring from here in North West Florida!  See ya in April!

8 responses to “In Like a Lamb, Not a Lion

  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. We used to have Japanese Cherry trees. Over a hundred of them. We had them for around 20 years and then they got a fungus and we found out we’d been extremely fortunate as they aren’t easy trees. We took them all out and planted Ornamental Pear trees but not as many. I’m anxious to see them bloom.

    • Thanks Lavada. I bet it was gut wrenching to lose that many beauties. I love those cherry trees. I think you’;; love the pear ones- different color blooms but just as lovely in their own way.

  2. March is a good month and it did come in in a particularly lovely manner here in NW Florida. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The one of your boys always makes me smile

  3. Beautiful pictures, Jillian.

    I, too, love March as it’s such a hopeful month. We have the daffodils out here in the UK despite it’s still very cold.

  4. Wow. The trees are beautiful! We’re still pruning ours. No blooms yet here in the NorthWest. And those boys are good looking. 🙂 Isn’t it great when they are also succeeding at what they take on?

    • Thanks Laurie- on the way to work today I was admiring all the pear trees on my route- they get more gorgeous by the day! I’m afraid the storms we expect today and tomorrow will beat all the blooms down.

      Thanks about my boys- they’re a lot of fun- this pic was at my mom’s at Thanksgiving. We take family pics outside each year. Silliness usually takes over at the end. This pic was my Christmas card this year! LOL!

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