An update on Dude the Cat

It’s time for a Dude update. You might remember him from my introduction a couple months ago on this blog. ( ).

He’s a gray tabby cat and is about 2 ½ years old. Our Dude is a wonderful, loving, and, at breakfast and dinner time, vocal cat.

This last week, we took him in for his annual exam. Last year, at fifteen pounds, they said they’d prefer he were 12-13 pounds. And he’s gained another pound over the past year! Dude now tips the scales at 16 pounds.


He doesn’t eat human food – he doesn’t like it. He gets a teaspoon of canned food at breakfast and dinner, plus about ¾ cup dry food, which he doesn’t always finish. Apparently, that’s too much. We’re cutting him back to ½ cup of the dry a day. But I can’t take his breakfast and dinner away for very selfish reasons. He’s already in our faces if we’re late feeding him. I don’t even want to know what he’d be like if we took one of those feedings away. 🙂

Yesterday, I had him outside following me as I walked between our house and the back line of our property. My husband was laughing, but I got him to do this “kitty exercise” twice before he sat down and said enough. 🙂

I keep threatening to move his annual exam appointments to late summer or early fall. During the winter, Dude goes into this hibernation thing. That’s my way of saying he’s a bit of a weather pansy. He likes it sunny and warm, not cold and rainy. So he’s indoors sleeping all winter and gone from sunup to sundown in the summer. My hope is that being more active would make him look better to the scale gods come exam time.

Do you have animals that seem to gain weight no matter what you do? Got any suggestions for how to keep our Dude trimmer?

by Laurie Ryan


8 responses to “An update on Dude the Cat

  1. Suggestions for trimmer. Ye gads, I can’t even get myself trimmer. Maybe the timing of his Dr. visits might be a good idea. Love the picture. What a lucky lucky kitty.

  2. lol. Yes, that picture was taken on a day I was really into my writing and he got tired of waiting for me to pay attention to him. 🙂

  3. Dude is a big dude and just adorable. No hints to share as the fur face member of my family is abnormally skinny- about 9 lbs.

  4. I’m beginning to think we should just let the cats decide what they want to weigh. Since Dude can still climb the 4X4 on deck to get up on our roof, I probably shouldn’t be too concerned.

  5. A weather pansy – hilarious. Dude and I have a lot in common 🙂

  6. What a great picture, Laurie.

    Dude is a fair weather cat all right…nothing wrong in that. I’d just let him be the weight he chooses.

    We have a cat who visits from a neighbour. He’s really skinny, he spends most of the day hunting in the undergrowth around the farms by us. It’s not very healthy because he catches a lot of vermin… and brings it to our door. Yuck!!

  7. He IS a pansy. But we love him. So much so that he’s sleeping right now in MY computer desk chair. He apparently likes it better so he gets the soft one and I’m sitting in the hard one. Can you say “spoiled kitty?” lol
    Cats are fun, though, eh?

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