Love ’em or not, Computers are here to stay

I got to wondering one day just how many blogs there are out here on the internet. Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere finds that blogs, in 2010, became both influential and firmly entrenched as a method of communication on the web. So I went in search of numbers and was surprised to find there are actually stats s related to this.  

 Blogpulse indicates (as of 2/3/2011) there are 154,998,138 blogs. That’s 154 million!  And 84,000 of those kicked off in the last 24 hours!  I didn’t know there was that much to say in the world. 🙂

 So I headed back to the internet to see if I could gauge just how big it really is. On a website called, they indicate  that, for 2009, there were:

  1. 90 trillion emailed sent (247 billion per day average)
  2. 234 million websites
  3. 1.73 billion internet users worldwide  (no wonder we are running out of IP addresses – and to put this in perspective, the world population in 2009 was 6.8 billion people)
  4. 4 billion photos on Flickr
  5. 1 billion you-tube videos
  6. 2.6 million malicious code threats (viruses, Trojans, etc.)

Wow. Has life ever changed since the mid 70’s when the first consumer computers were sold. So what do you think? Have computers made our lives better? Easier? Busier?


5 responses to “Love ’em or not, Computers are here to stay

  1. Wow, right. I remember when Microsofts first PC’s came out. Before that the big guy was IBM. We mainframe people relegated PC’s to game machines. Silly us. Smart would have been to buy stock.

    Better? Easier? Busier? I’d say all of that. They identified this era as the Information Age but I don’t think many people envisioned the explosion and it couldn’t have happened without first the computer, then the internet.

    Still I know people that barely use them. Wonder what the stats are on that?

    With that said, we recently added a blog roll to Over The Backyard Fence. If your inclined to go blogging with your morning coffee, or to take a break, or in between commercials or ? It’s to the right.

  2. I love the blog roll, Lavada. What a nice way to showcase other places our community visits and blogs on. It’s amazing what the internet has done for our world, isn’t it?
    My 86 year old mother uses a computer (for email and internet). My husband, however, doesn’t. He does like the convenience of qjuick and easy research, though. The problem is, I’m his search engine. lol

  3. Jiminy cricket, those numbers boggle my mind. WOW. And I have to say that computers have made my life better in that I can easily stay in touch with people now but they have made my life faster paced in the legal job. When I first became a lawyer, we didn’t even have fax machines- gave us a lot of time to mull over things as everything came in my mail. Once there was a fax machine, people wanted answers within a day or so. NOW, with computers, I’ll get an email and if I don’t respond in like 2 hours, I get a call, “didn’t you get my email?” Crazy!! I do my best thinking at 3 am- if I could have an overnight before I have to respond, that’d be awesome! LOL!

  4. So…if they want a response ASAP…and you decide what to do at 3AM, maybe a couple calls in the middle of the night will cure folks of that instant gratification thing. 🙂 I so know what you mean, Jillian.

  5. Those figures are staggering, Laurie.

    I’m a huge fan of computers but do agree with Jillian about folks wanting the instant response to emails (I have to admit at times I’m one of them, especially when sending a submission to an editor 🙂 )

    Think I’ve mentioned before that my mum has just started using a laptop and she’s loving it. She now has a Facebook page which my cousin set up for her, although I think that’s one step too far for her at the moment!

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