February – The Month of Love

Welcome to February.  We romance writers adore the world of love every day of every month, but this is the month on the calendar dedicated to love.  In celebration of that, I’d like to share a little about this past weekend. My husband’s great niece got married in a lovely ceremony in South Alabama.  The service was beautiful but the most wonderful thing was the love this young couple clearly have for each other. The niece was always a little mother. She loved all the little children of the family and took care of them from the time she was about five herself. As soon as she was old enough and had a place of her own, she started to care for children in the foster care system. She fell in love with two small boys- they are 10 and 12 and they are natural brothers.  They’re the cutest little kids and clearly adore her.  The groom is already like a father to them and they are just so darn cute as a family.  Now that they’re married, they hope to finalize an adoption of these boys.  

I was thrilled to be there to witness their joy and to be a part of the day. I stayed with the mother of the bride and got to help with picking up the dress and the flowers along with all those other necessary things that have to be done. I took a lot of pictures and just had a great time. The groom’s family was awesome and I  have great hopes for this marriage that took place on the eve of the month of love.

Enjoy your own sweethearts this month and remember the joy of being young, in love and starting the adventure of a lifetime.   Ciao, til March. Enjoy these photos!


8 responses to “February – The Month of Love

  1. Jillian, the pictures are great. Thanks for sharing with us. And your niece looks so young to be having foster children and adoptive children. I love hearing when people figure out early in life what their calling is. Hers is clearly caring for the children in this world. And he seems to be completely accepting of that. good for them. Congratulations on your niece’s wedding. And happy Valentine’s month! 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie. She definitely loves kids. She’s 24. I was always worried she’d decide to get pregnant at 16 and was thrilled that she didn’t take that route! LOL! And yes, her husband is very supportive.

  2. Jillian, great blog to start the month. I love their colors.

  3. What a wonderful start to February, Jillian.

    And what a lovely couple to want to bring joy to two small boys. I love all the bridesmaids, too, and can remember almost 40 years ago having a fitting for a very similar dress. Happy days.

    Best wishes

    Jan x

  4. What a lovely person your niece is, Jillian. We need more like her in the world.

    Sounds like you had a really great day. You certainly took some beautiful photographs.


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