Feline Friends

The Feline Friends organization is very near and dear to me. When I first found Feline Friends and Jo, who at that time was single handedly keeping it all going, we had just decided it was time to bring a cat or kitten into our family. Rue actually isn’t a FF cat but she started our involvement with abandoned and abused cats and kittens. Her story is at http://feline-friends.net/Rue.html that was back in 2003. Since then she has decided much to our relief, to be an entirely inside kitty.

FF has taught me a lot over the years. For one thing I’ve seen the very best in people, the hours of dedicated time, the care, concern and love. But working with a rescue organization you see the worse as well. FF has adopted the motto: “Saving One Life At A Time” and I’ve found I hang on to it. When for every cat and kitten who finds a forever home, there are hundreds living on their own, or suffering abuse and neglect it gets discouraging without concentrating on what you can change, where you can make a difference.

There are many stories on the FF website at http://feline-friends.net and albums of FF cats. Here is one we were personally involved in.

Three little Ragamuffins were rescued from a breeder. When they came to FF they were ill and we fostered them here where we could quarantine them in the tack room which had heat, and hot water. Later Brianna, the one we kept, contracted ring worm which she very generously passed along to some of us. Being Ragamuffins they weren’t hard to socialize and we spent a lot of time in the barn with them.

Brianna brought a lot of happy funny stories. Here is a picture of her as an adult. Look at those innocent big blue eyes. How lucky can you get?

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7 responses to “Feline Friends

  1. Oh…the three little kitties are so cute. I love cats & would love to have another one (lost my last little precious on 3-11-09) but the man in my life is allergic to them so for now, it’s out of the question.

  2. Wow, Linda. You’re a night owl like me. I’m lucky in that no one in our family has allergies. It would be hard.

    Thanks for commenting. The two we didn’t keep went together to a wonderful home where they get to be the only ‘kids’. Stories like this give energy to the volunteers when they most need it.

  3. With those eyes, I’ll bet Brianna had a hard time keeping all the boy cats away!

    ‘Saving one life at a time’ is a great motto. I know when I visit the local rescue centre I want to bring them all home.

  4. Ahhh! What a doll Brianna is. I’m not sure I could volunteer with a very needed place like Feline Friends. My heart breaks seeing the abuse. I think what you’ve helped to do is wonderful. 🙂

  5. Tricia, we made sure we weren’t surprised with any little Brianna’s. The ring worm was a big enough surprise. 🙂

    Laurie, Before FF’s my sister-in-law asked me to do a website for a rescue site and I just couldn’t do it. The stories that a lot sites put up would have been, like you said, heart breaking. I thought long and hard before volunteering for the FF’s one. Then Jo and I talked about it and designed a site to primarily show case the cats and kittens. That worked. There is a “Not Enough Tears” page but we more than temper it with all the positive happy stories.

    For sure, like so many things, I get far more than I give to these special little critters.

  6. Meow, Puuurrrrr… 🙂

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