Fun Food Monday – Pasta

I love this recipe and we have it quite often. You can vary the ingredients to what you like. For example I love it with sun dried tomatoes. Jack not so much.

• Pasta – (farfalle (bowties), rotini (twists), conchiglie (shells), or manicottie.
• boneless breast of chicken (optional) I like it just as well as a vegetarian dish
• fresh baby spinach
• sun dried tomatoes
• olive oil
• seasoning

Cook pasta in salted water until tender.
Wash spinach don’t drain. The water gives you more liquid for a seasoned broth.
Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and sauté in skillet with olive oil.
Add spinach, tomatoes, and seasoning so the spinach will be tender at the same time the chicken is done. Cook slow so you will have liquid to marinate the dish.

Drain pasta and mix with the sautéd ingredients. You can add more olive oil if there isn’t enough liquid from the cooked mix to suit you.

Posted By Lavada Dee


3 responses to “Fun Food Monday – Pasta

  1. Is this as easy to make as it sounds? With no peppers in it, my husband should like it.

  2. Yes, it is easy. The only thing that keeps me from having it more often is I don’t keep fresh spinach handy. I’ve thought about cutting calories with whole wheat or spinach pasta.

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