I had a Christmas blog written but with the final episode of Survivor airing on Sunday I decided to follow up on the blog Laurie did on September 13, just before the first episode of Survivor. It was fun to re-read her blog. You can find it easily by clicking on the Entertainment Category.

This season they divided the initial two teams by age. A younger one and an older one. Like Laurie said, it didn’t seem fair. And, early on the older team voted Jimmy Johnson off. They seemed doomed and as a team probably were, but this Wednesday the final six squared off with three from the older team and three from the younger team.

Jane one of the older women was voted off so it’s 3 to 2 going into the final. Not bad. Certainly not one sided like a lot of us thought it would be.

Remember when Laurie posted the first show hadn’t aired and true to her prediction her favorite didn’t last long. Have to say the guy’s eyes had me too. Heyyy what can I say, all we had to go on was looks at that point.

Again like Laurie I get frustrated and sometimes downright disgusted and swear I’m not watching another reality show and this one was no exception. There’s usually a real baddy, everyone hates him or her at the end, but not so much this year. However I thought this was one of the more down and dirty shows they’ve produced. Holly (who is still in the running) started it off when she drowned Dan’s $1,400 shoes. Anyway that’s what Jane said they cost on Wednesday’s show. So who in their right mind would wear these kind of shoes in the jungle?

And, talking about Jane. The last thing she did before going to tribal council was to throw a bucket of water on the fire. When asked about it she said she built it. What in the world?

Then Na’Onka (love the name) stole food and the things she said on camera about fellow players . . . She would have qualified for an end of the show baddy but she up and quit. By the way not until she had secured a place on the jury. It will be interesting to see what she says on Sundays final show. Purple Kelly quit at the same time. At 22 you’d think if Dan at 63 is still in she could have made it?

So did you watch the show? If not I apologize as this blog is probably boring you to death. If you did, did your favorite make it to the end? And, are we ready for the next one scheduled for the spring of 2011?

Posted by Lavada Dee


4 responses to “Survivor:Nicaragua

  1. “Survivor” sounds like our “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” or more affectionally known here in the UK as “The Jungle”. Have to admit I’m totally hooked. Normally, I don’t enjoy the reality shows either, Lavada, but this one is a doozy. There’s something infinitely satisfying about watching celebrities suffer (even if most of them are virtually unknown and definitely z-list).


  2. Tricia, sound like ours. I like the challenges. There was a show with celebs but I didn’t watch it and it didn’t stay on. You have something like our Big Brother house too don’t you?

  3. Yep. You’ve pretty much listed the “baddies”. And this last tribal, where Dan and Fabio helped vote Jane off, I was almost yelling at the tv. That vote sealed their fate and I think Dan and Fabio will go next. Unless I think it will be Sash, Chase, and Holly vying for the million and, of the three, Sash played the smartest game. Oh, oh. Did I seal HIS fate by say that? 🙂 We’ll have to revisit this after Sunday, eh?

  4. Jim is addicted to the show so we always watch it. I think Jane will win the
    $100,000. I can’t stand Sash (too sneaky), but yes he played the best game, and is Chase as naive as he seems to be on the show. Should be fun.

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