I did an interview earlier this year and one of the questions I was asked had to do with what one thing I thought scientists should invent. Being a not-so-closet Trekkie (and rather tired of doing dishes at the time), I immediately said replicators. Imagine ordering up dinner and having it magically appear. And then, when you’re done, you put the dirty dishes on the pad and they disappear, recycled with no muss or fuss.

No cooking.

No doing dishes.

Heaven. 🙂

There are a lot of other inventions that would be very appreciated. Since I’m still struggling with gym class, bionic knees would come in handy at the moment.  Or how about a washer/dryer unit that also irons? (I hate ironing clothes).

Oh, I know. How about a teleporter? No more commuting. Now that would definitely be appreciated, eh?

Some of these things aren’t as far-fetched as we might thing. I googled Star Trek Replicators and found articles indication we’re on the verge of creating something along these lines. They now have machines that, in a few hours time, can crank out a 3 dimensional object!

I am amazed on a regular basis at some of the inventions being thought up. It doesn’t seem that long ago that there was no internet (perish the thought!).  What will be the next new thing?

And what, if anything, would you like to see invented?

posted by Laurie Ryan


4 responses to “Inventions

  1. Hi, Laurie

    I love your ideas. I hate ironing, too.

    When you think about inventions from the past, some of them still seem so far in advance even today. Like my microwave oven. I wonder what my ancestors would make of them. One invention I still can’t get my head around, is my USB stick? Uh? I carry all my music, my photos, and all my books and manuscripts…. Like how does that work? It’s just so small.

    One invention I would like to see is a teleporter. We could stop all those greenhouse gases overnight, and still get to visit all parts of the world. Just one thing would put me off…The film…The Fly. I have an aversion to body parts dropping off, and whiskers growing all over my face! Lol!!

  2. Ewww! I’d forgotten about The Fly. I won’t be the first one testing any teleporters, that’s for sure. lol

  3. They have a dryer that supposedly eliminates the ironing. Haven’t heard to much about it so it may not work so well. I remember old funny books where they people had short short skirts. Then along came the mini skirts. Teleporting would be great but I hadn’t thought about the Fly either until Jan mentioned it. I’d just like a cure for cancer. Sure seems reasonable in light of walking on the moon.

  4. Yuk, The Fly – thanks for putting that memory back in my head, Jan 🙂 I would have to go with the teleporter too, as long as they’ve ironed out the dropping body parts bit. Wouldn’t it be great to step in and almost instantly be at your chosen destination? No queues, no crowding, no delays … ahh ….

    But, like Lavada, if I could choose one thing it would be a cure for cancer and all the other vile diseases known to man.


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