Holiday Madness

Well, I woke up this morning, fed the cat (because he says he’s the priority), turned on my computer, and promptly realized it was my day to blog and I had nothing written.  Yikes!  I got so focused on buying and wrapping holiday presents yesterday that I completely spaced.  

So I thought I’d ask how everyone who celebrates Christmas is doing with their preparations?  I’m somewhere in between “relax, it’s all covered” and “crikey, I’ll never make it in time.”  My husband and I did a whirlwind shopping trip yesterday so that I could wrap all evening and take presents I need to mail to the post office today.  You see, it’s not just Christmas for us.  I have a largish family and there are TEN birthdays in December and January.  The first one is our granddaughter, who turns 5 tomorrow! Happy birthday, Lauren!

I haven’t been completely buried in holiday stress, though. I have to admit we’ve been having some fun, also. This week, we went to a local park that does a Fantasy Lights Exhibit where the park is alight with creatures and packages and flowers. It’s been around for years and I’d never gone before. And it was a lot of fun!

So, thanks to our shopping trip yesterday, I’m feeling much more on track than I was. I’m 75% done shopping, 30% done wrapping, and have started my Christmas letter. I’m not going to worry about cookies this year. Since I’m in this body camp (diet and exercise program), I figured the temptation isn’t worth it.

How about you? Will the holiday arrive on time in your household?  

by Laurie Ryan


7 responses to “Holiday Madness

  1. Yup, it will be on time. I shop all year & I’ve already brought everything out of the closet and put them in the appropiate bags…just need to wrap. Christmas cards & packages have been mailed. I’m doing my family Christmas on December 18th at my clubhouse & I’m ready for that too. Merry Christmas to you & your family Laurie & hugs to your cat!

  2. Wow, Linda. You are VERY organized. Well done! I don’t know if I could make a Dec. 18th deadline.

    Oh, and Dude says he hopes your holidays are the cat’s meow. (sorry, I couldn’t resisst. 🙂 )

  3. Wow is right Linda, I love Christmas and I’m far enough ahead that I’m not feeling any stress. If I’d stop and do ONE job I could mark some things off my to-do list but noooo, I do a little this and a little of that. All done shopping except for a few perishables like flowers. Just getting started on wrapping and I’m shooting for mailing on Monday as I’m waiting for some shipping boxes. About 1/3 done on cards. All and all it’s a ho ho ho season and I’m enjoying all of it.

  4. Well, you’re all far in advance of me, ladies.

    Looking at it now, I think I always leave everything to the last minute. There has been a time when I cooked my Christmas cake on Christmas Eve, but it’s probably best not to dwell on that too much. 🙂

    Each year I promise to do better…Maybe I think I just have more time.

    Anyway, after reading all your comments, I’ve decided to bake my cake tomorrow ( Sunday). At least that will be one thing off my to do list.

  5. Have fun baking, Jan! Lavada and I will be at our writer’s holiday luncheon tomorrow, so no baking for us. 🙂

  6. Like Jan, I’m another of the leave-it-until-the-last-minute brigade 🙂 This year I planned to be better, but so far there are no signs of it. Managed to get a few pressies yesterday and I have a lovely friend who bakes a cake for me and another who does the Christmas pud (they obviously know it’s best not to let me loose in the kitchen…)

    Today it’s cards and a bit of wrapping.

    Hope you enjoyed your luncheon, Laurie and Lavada.

    Pre Season’s Greetings to all

  7. Tricia,
    Our luncheon was fun. 17 of our chapter mates at a nice restaurant made for fun conversations and food. 🙂 And I’ve almost gotten my holiday letter done. Yay! I think I’ll make it. It sounds like you will, too, eh?

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