Fun Food Monday – Sour Cream Walnuts

I was at a Christmas lunch this past Saturday and the friend that brought this recipe gave me a copy to post on Over The Backyard Fence blog. Thank you Jan.

Boil till soft boil stage on medium heat (use a thermometer):
½ cup sour cream — large batch 2 cups sour cream
1 ½ cup sugar — large batch 6 cups sugar

Take off heat.
Add 1 ½ t. vanilla – large batch 2Tbl vanilla
add 2-4 cups or more walnuts – large batch 8-12 or more cups walnuts

Mix to coat.
Put nuts on waxed paper and keep turning in a thin layer on the waxed paper.
Let dry.

Note: Other kinds of nuts can be used.

Posted by Lavada Dee


6 responses to “Fun Food Monday – Sour Cream Walnuts

  1. Sour cream walnuts!! Yeah it sounds very interesting and delicious 🙂

  2. Sounds very tempting, Lavada. This is one I shall definitely try. I do love nuts especially Brazil nuts.

    Is the texture chewy like a nut toffee?


  3. I’m not generally a sour cream fan, but this recipe sounds intriguing. I bet they are yummy. Do they end up looking covered in white or kind of clear?

  4. Jan, now that you mention it, a lot like nut toffee. The friend that gave me the recipe says she loves them so for the sake of calories she only makes them when she can take then out to share. 🙂

    Laurie, they look like they have white frosting on them. We bought some lemon iced hazelnuts at the Victorian Christmas and Jack really like them (so do I) but at 11.00 a lb. These are just as good.

  5. I do love toffee, Lavada. It’s funny, when we have a box of chocolates, everyone leaves the toffee ones to last. Not me…they’re definitely the ones I go for first!! 🙂

  6. All these fab recipes are tempting me into the kitchen … better have the number for the fire brigade on hand…


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