Just One Bite

With Laurie’s body camp experience I thought I’d add a blog along the same line. Doing it means braving a subject that isn’t near and dear to my heart. Dieting! (Not to be confused with exercising) If someone would have told me I would even think about dieting when I was in my thirty’s I would have laughed at them. For years I fought to gain weight. One of the things I can attest to is; Be Careful What You Wish For.

So with that said, I have tried everything. Cutting back, hah! That might work but I look at a piece of pastry or a bag of chips or . . . and say to myself, “Just one bite.”

I’ve tried doing smaller portions by using a smaller plate and buying the packaged foods. I’ve tried, Weight Watchers and lost 15lbs. Atkins, again around 15lbs. Cabbage soup, I couldn’t stay with it long enough to lose anything. The last thing I tried was Nutra Systems and lost 22lbs. Now it’s creeping back on and I seriously need to do something or I’m going to be back to square one.

As I sit here and write this, it’s with resolve to keep ahead of those lbs. I may never reach my goal but if I shoot for it, heck what am I saying if I keep shooting for it, I hopefully can keep it down to at least where I’ll stay healthy.

And, I have a couple of questions. How easy is it to fall off the healthy eating wagon once a person has a secure seat on it? Will healthy eating eventually become a way of life or is this going to be a life long struggle?

Any and all comments are more than welcome. Especially if anyone has found the magic bullet.

Posted by Lavada Dee


4 responses to “Just One Bite

  1. Well, no magic bullet to offer, but I do believe that if we keep shooting for the goal at least it stops things getting worse. I had half decided not to worry about the excess pounds anymore, but after a walk to the post office this morning and having to hide the pull on my coat zip with a loooong scarf, it’s back to the calorie counting. We’ll probably always have to keep our eye on the ball, Lavada, until someone comes along with that magic bullet.

    Good luck!

  2. Heck, I can’t even get my zipper pull UP, Tricia! 🙂 Which is why I’ve taken these drastic measures. And I’m finally seeing signs of some energy return. This two weeks of detox diet took everything I had. Monday, I can start adding carbs back in. Yay! And Lavada? I am fervently praying that the answer to your questions are: not easy at all, and PLEASE let this become a way of life that feels natural. lol

  3. Tricia and Laurie at least this isn’t a solitary struggle. It helps that friends and family can relate, sympathize, support and cheer. But wouldn’t you think if we can put people on the moon we’d be able to come up with something that blocks calories. Or a way to dial in a weight and be able to get to it and stay there? Or . . . this is sounding like science fiction I can almost hear the theme music.

  4. Oh, no, it’s NEVER a solitary struggle. You know, I’ve never gone to exercise classes in a gym, and I’m amazed at the camaraderie. Everyone cheering for everyone else (and especially for the last one done, which is me). Having a cheering section keeps you going, in my opinion. I’ve been leaning heavily on family and friends to keep my spirits up.
    And while there’s no magic bullet, I think going through the process of losing weight can help you keep it off. At least, that’s my hope. I don’t ever want to have to work quite this hard again. 🙂
    Lavada, I’ve seen you do it before. You’re part of the inspiration that made me take the plunge. You’ve got a lot of willpower going for you. 🙂

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