Keeping Memories

One of the television shows I’ve kind of stopped watching is CSI. I miss William Petersen. Sigh. Well, a couple weeks ago, I happened to be procrastinating so I watched the show with my husband. The central character was an extreme hoarder. If you didn’t see it, she had nothing but tiny walkways through her house. It was piled floor to ceiling with clear plastic bins of things. And, since it was CSI, the occasional dead body or two. Ugh!

But this woman didn’t hoard just “stuff”. She hoarded memories. Everything that her family touched, she kept. And it went way beyond drawings made at school, or sports trophies. If they used a pen to write something, she saved it.

Now, I don’t go that far, but I do like to keep certain things, especially as relates to my children. While they were growing up, we kept, as most parents do I’m sure, that special baby outfit, the first cut lock of hair, report cards, etc. Then, 10 or so years ago, I found a new way to keep memories alive.

I started scrap booking pictures and memorabilia. I found it gave me the chance to relive an event all over again as I sorted through pictures and picked out papers and embellishments. And then, I get to relive it a third, fourth, fifth time, and so on, as I show the book to others. Like these pictures I have here, from when I did a 60 mile charity walk a few years ago. I don’t do a lot of fancy stuff, but I get so much enjoyment out of matching things up in such a way that it tells the story related to the pictures.

 I’d love to hear about how you keep your memories. Is there a box in the closet? A picture on a wall? An entire bookcase filled with scrapbooks? Oh, wait a minute. That’s me. 🙂 However you keep these things, they are precious reminders of what’s good in our lives, eh?

Enjoy the memories!

written by Laurie Ryan

4 responses to “Keeping Memories

  1. I watched that episode too! I was watching it and then on CBS Sunday morning, they mentioned something about hoarders and sited a statistic that was amazing! There were NO storage facilities before 1960!!! Now they are in every neighborhood! Isn’t that amazing??? Made me look around and “want” to get rid of a few things… but…. They classified them as Hoarder I through V and I decided I was only a one. Okay, maybe a II?

  2. Great blog and I saw that show too. Yikes, all of a sudden my place looked pretty good. I use to put pictures in albums but that is as close to scrapping as I’ve got. Now I keep them on folders in the computer though I’m thinking of putting them on cd’s and giving copies to friends. “Thinking” being the key word here.

  3. Barb,
    That’s amazing about the storage facilities. Yikes! I think most of us are 1’s or 2’s when it comes to hoarding. There are just some things I can’t throw out. lol

    And Lavada? I’m so far behind in my scrap booking that I do the same thing. I keep my pictures digital until I’m ready to print them. I like the cd for friends thing. Cool idea.

  4. Love your idea, Lavada. I keep journals when I’m away on a trip or holiday, but rarely for anything else. Photos, tickets, theatre programmes, etc. are stored in boxes. It’s a lovely idea to make a scrapbook of our memories to enjoy over and over.

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