The ‘R’ Word

Lately, there seems to be one main topic of conversation in the Jones’ household, well okay, two, but adopting a dog is pretty much a foregone conclusion and only a matter of the right dog finding us. What’s causing much discussion is imminent retirement from the day jobs.

I’m fine with retirement. Although I love my job as a community learning coordinator, I’m ready to have more time to do other things. Mr. J is okay with it too – in fact, he can’t wait – but what he has a problem with is my rapidly expanding to-do list for him. I have to admit it is pretty long and made up mostly of DIY jobs (not his strong point, although he has many others, I hasten to add, in case he’s reading this). It’s no exaggeration to say he hates DIY, so much so that he’s thinking he’d be better off with a part-time job away from the home.

Now if he’s serious about a part-time job (which I very much doubt), how about something like this? Outside a local zoo, here in the UK, there’s a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. Apparently, for 25 years parking fees were collected by an extremely reliable attendant who never missed a day. When he didn’t show up one morning, the zoo called the local council and asked them to send another attendant. The council said it was the zoo’s responsibility to employ an attendant and nothing to do with them. Turns out that the man (nobody knows who he is) had set up a private enterprise collecting parking fees and had accumulated in excess of £7 million over the 25 years. It’s rumored he’s retired somewhere in Italy or the south of France, probably soaking up the sun on his super-yacht. Now that’s some pension plan and I’ll bet he’s not thinking about a part-time job!

As far as Mr. J is concerned, his own plans for a part-time job have since fallen by the wayside. It has, however, made me re-think the to-do list and I’ve cut it down for now… or so he thinks 🙂

posted by Tricia Jones


4 responses to “The ‘R’ Word

  1. Hi, Tricia. Welcome to Over The Backyard Fence! I have to say first, that is some enterprising zoo guy. It takes moxy to do something like that for so many years. 🙂
    I know what you mean about Do It Yourself lists. We’ve been retired for a few years. Our main problem, though, is that my husband’s OWN list is longer than mine. So, bless his heart, I have to nudge my stuff onto his list to get them on his radar. 🙂 Since we made the decision to stay where we are for as long as our bodies and minds will let us, we’ve been slowly doing some remodeling and updating around the house. So while “To-Do” lists can be daunting, “To-Done” lists are wonderful.
    And, most important, doing them on your own schedule is worth it’s weight in gold. 🙂 I look forward to hearing some retirement stories down the road.

  2. Ah Tricia, ramping up for retirement is fun and you’ll love it when you get there. Sleeping in or not, spending an extra day out and about without worrying about work. Putting stuff off for tomorrow.

    A very big welcome to the Over The Backyard Fence community. I’m looking forward to future posts and retirement stories. Especially ones about the soon to be new member of your family.

  3. Totally enjoyable and made me crack up!

  4. Laurie, thanks for the welcome. I really like the idea of a “To-Done” list – much more motivational! Really funny that you have to nudge your stuff onto your husband’s list 🙂

    Lavada, so far you’ve been a good role model for me. You certainly seem to enjoy your retirement and I plan to follow in your footsteps! Can’t wait. Thanks for the welcome.

    Barbara, so glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for letting me know.

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