I was struggling with thinking of something to write about today and thought I’d share Monday night football. More precisely – high school JV football. Narrowing it down further, JV football when a grandson is playing.

Yep, I couldn’t believe it. Here I was sitting, freezing on the coldest seats imaginable, and enjoying every minute of it. Did they win? No. But both teams played hard and from where I was sitting win or lose, they were having a great time.

There were some really good passes and catches. (Do they call them catches? Whatever.) Some not so good. Some fantastic runs, some not so good. But what was really great was the sportsmanship. We sat next to opposing team fans. In fact like us, they sounded like they might be related to one of the players. We chatted and except for the fact that the guy noted that they might be in the wrong cheering section I wouldn’t have known he was with the other team.

I found myself amazed at some of the plays the other team made. And, of course all of the ones our team made. 🙂

I came home proud of the community, the school, and especially the kids. And, the next game I plan to be there. For someone that never goes to games or hasn’t since I’ve been their age this is a surprise even to me. I can only imagine what Jack must be thinking. Maybe something like it takes a grandson to get me out of a nice warm house on a cold fall evening. Hey, at least Michael didn’t take up ice fishing. But then is that even a spectator sport? OH MY GOSH I hope not. It would be just my luck our temperatures would drop down to those in Minnesota and I’d turn into a Grandma Popsicle. 🙂


3 responses to “Football

  1. Hey, I am so proud of you and on your birthday no less. Hope you had a good one. Now isn’t it fun being out on a COLD fall evening!!!! Did you see our ex-principal (Brad). If so tell him hi.

  2. I love watching kids play sports. It reminds me about everything that’s right with the world. And it’s not just watching the kids play and the good sportsmanship you see on the field. It’s the kids cheering for them. Did I ever yell that loud? 🙂
    Thanks for a wonderful walk down memory lane. And a happy birthday to you, Lavada!

  3. Nancy, I didn’t see the principal and since it wasn’t a home game I doubt he would have made it. And, the birthday was good. I was going to get Jack to take me out to dinner but then we got the email from his doctor that said “NO SALT”.

    Laurie, I didn’t think about it but it was a walk in the memories. Definitely a feel good experience.

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